YouTube VPN Vs. Proxy

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

YouTube VPN AccessProxies and VPNs work basically the same way when used to bypass content access restrictions. But when compared for anonymity, performance, and security, a clear contrast appears. A good YouTube VPN will outshine a proxy in all of these aspects. And this is what makes it well worth paying a few dollars a month to use a reliable YouTube VPN.

Bypass Content Restrictions

Both a YouTube VPN and proxy service will allow you to access YouTube content that is restricted in your location. Whether the content is censored or YouTube does not allow you to view it, both will work. VPNs and proxies both reroute your traffic so that you appear to be requesting the content from a different IP address. This IP address is not blocked, so you are granted permission to view the content.

YouTube VPN Anonymity

A good YouTube VPN gives users a greater degree of anonymity that a proxy can. Professionally managed VPN services have more resources. They can therefore provide the equipment and technology needed to ensure user anonymity. Proxies are usually cheap alternatives to a professional VPN service. They cannot provide users with the number of IP addresses and level of network security needed to guarantee true anonymity.

YouTube VPN Performance

YouTube VPN PerformanceThe fee users pay for reliable YouTube VPNs guarantees that they do not have to compete for access to a secure server and IP address. This means they can easily connect and get reliable speeds, too. They get to use protocols that give them good speeds without sacrificing security and privacy. Most proxies are not professionally managed. This means proxy administrators are running them on their free time, and do not have dedicated staff. Company provided proxy services are the low end package offerings and do not get the same level of support that their VPN counterparts do. Users are not guaranteed a connection, must find suitable IPs on their own, and cannot expect decent speeds.

YouTube VPN Security

Users get better security on YouTube VPNs when they have access to the service on paid accounts. They pay for higher data encryption and updated tunneling technology. Proxy services are mostly underfunded and overloaded. They basically exist for users who need one-time access and are not concerned about tracking. First, it is difficult for proxies to manage the number of users connected at any given moment. Second, budget constraints plus the need for speed mean low level encryption that cannot adequately secure user data and traffic. YouTube VPN SecurityAnd free access to the services means more trouble monitoring users who are there with malicious intent. Some proxies also have to allow ads to earn money for systems maintenance. And they cannot closely monitor what these ads are and where they go. Others who do not guarantee user privacy will even collect and sell user data to unverified third parties.