YouTube Proxy or VPN?

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

YouTube AccessPeople have used both a YouTube proxy and a VPN to access the site’s content where restrictions apply. Whether YouTube is blocked due to a location restriction or a security barrier, these methods have worked, to varying degrees of success. But which is better? When comparing the access levels with a YouTube proxy to a YouTube VPN, the considerations are security and privacy, and reliability and speed.

YouTube proxy vs. VPN Security and Privacy

Blocked YouTube proxyWeb proxies do not provide data encryption though they grant a degree of anonymity. Proxy services provide the user with an alternate IP address. This gives the user anonymity when surfing the web through a browser. This of course works when accessing YouTube. If the user has other web-enabled applications open along with the browser used to access YouTube, the proxy IP will conflict with the IP address detected from the other connected apps. This can cause applications to malfunction, and can alert website security to unauthorized access. Most proxy services offer the bare minimum, which is access to blocked websites. They do not deal with associated issues outside the provision of an alternate IP, such as user privacy regarding website use and activities. Proxies are also unstable and connections may fail altogether from time to time, leaving users open to the risk of data theft and malware infection.

A VPN provides greater security and privacy by covering all traffic coming from the user device. Instead of just dealing with the browser, a VPN reroutes all internet traffic through the VPN server. The user then has a uniform alternate IP address that cannot be detected as a proxy IP. All the data flowing to and from the device is encrypted, too. Nothing can be traced back to the user’s original IP, so there is no threat of detection and disconnection, and all applications connected to the internet can function normally. A reputable VPN service can provide a high level of anonymity on the Internet. Privacy is a major concern for most VPN users, and services are often ranked according to their privacy standards concerning users’ personal information. Moreover, VPN security features secure the connected device from malware infection and hacking.

YouTube proxy vs. VPN Reliability and Speed

Express VPN vs YouTube ProxyStreaming videos online requires a certain level of connection stability and speed. Apart from the user’s ISP, the reliability of a YouTube proxy or VPN connection can greatly affect the experience. Proxy services rely on the user’s existing connection speeds. When routing to a US IP to connect to YouTube, latency issues often arise over long distances. This means that users in far flung areas require faster and more reliable Internet connections, which may not always be available. Proxy services run mostly on the availability of free IPs, and the fastest connections are often over-crowded. This forces many users to choose less popular IPs which may or may not give them the speed needed to watch YouTube comfortably. The instability of proxy connections can lead to connection failure from time to time, which leaves users open to detection.

VPN connection speeds do depend on the user’s existing Internet speed, but the best services provide fast and reliable servers that work to maintain connectivity and speed. The range of servers available to users around the world provide users with many choices that can give them top speeds needed for convenient video streaming. Leading VPN services do not often experience latency issues or slow speeds when too many users attempt to connect to the same server because there are a variety of best options available. And once connected, a user will not experience connection problems when others attempt to connect. Rather, other users will simply be directed to another server that can provide them with an equally fast and reliable connection. VPN services provide an inherent data security benefit that works to secure any Internet enabled device for as long as it is connected to the VPN. The reliability of a VPN connection greatly reduces the risk of the device being compromised by connection failure.

ExpressVPN YouTube ProxyAll in all, there are many reasons why websites like YouTube become inaccessible. Geolocation restrictions, malware scares that unfairly restrict access, inadvertent blocking as part of a security system – whatever it is – cannot stop people from finding ways to access the content they want. To stay safe and enjoy this content to the full, people need to choose the better service. A YouTube VPN that gives users a untraceable US IP address and additional traffic encryption is still the better deal.