WiFi VPNs and Evil Twin Hotspots

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

WiFi VPNs AvailableWiFi VPNs are the best tools that average Internet users have today to protect them from evil twin hotspots. WiFi VPNs secure users’ connections on unprotected networks so their traffic and data can’t be intercepted. WiFi VPNs also work very well for securing BYOD workers who often spend the better part of their workday using public WiFi.

The Evil Twins

Fake WiFi hotspots are often called evil twins because they imitate genuine hotspots. Hackers and thieves select a hotspot that is known for carrying a large amount of Internet traffic. They copy the network by giving it a name that is almost the same as the existing hotspot. Then they sit and wait for users to log on to this hotspot instead of the original one. These malicious elements do this to lure in unsuspecting users. People feel comfortable at places they know, including where they use WiFi. They are not on defense mode and are likely to be loose with security. Evil twin hotspots therefore give thieves and hackers the Internet version of open season.

WiFi VPNs SecurityMore people are using public WiFi every day. There are new free WiFi initiatives popping up all over the country. WiFi is a normal part of many people’s everyday lives. Most Internet users already know that using public WiFi can be very dangerous. Some of them choose where they connect and are careful not to do sensitive transactions while on these hotspots. Others choose to use only networks provided by their Internet services. These hotspots are secured by usernames and passwords given to subscribers. But many don’t know what hackers and thieves can do. They can access a lot of information from even ordinary browsing activities. And they can use this information to launch more sophisticated attacks on unsuspecting users. And now, any number of these trusted networks could be evil twin hotspots.

WiFi VPNs Foil Evil Twins

These days there is an abundance of BYOD programs and the mobile workforce is growing. These workers are the new favorite targets of WiFi criminals. Mobile workers are on the go, and they don’t always have a lot of options for where to connect. People who use their own devices for work may connect to office networks securely via corporate VPNs. But their personal activities are not protected. WiFi VPNs are the tools that they need to make sure that they are not leaking sensitive company or personal data, and are not allowing their devices to be infected and to infect company and other networks.

WiFi VPNs Evil TwinsRemote access threats are multiplying as the number of remote workers continues to increase. New attack types and angles are being developed all the time. Thieves and hackers are always going to be looking for fresh ways to breach systems undetected. We can’t prevent this, but security solutions are trying their best to keep up. Meantime, as they say, prevention is better than cure. Sure, antivirus programs and firewalls block most known threats. But WiFi VPNs work to secure people and systems even before a virus tries to get past computer defenses. WiFi VPNs help people not become targets in the first place.

Attackers begin with a data search that starts them on a trail. They observe Internet traffic to find something that they can trace, like following a rainbow to a pot of gold. WiFi VPNs send a user’s data through a private tunnel that can’t be easily penetrated by these snooping criminals. Furthermore, WiFi VPNs also encrypt data and traffic. This stops more sophisticated hackers because nothing that they might see inside the tunnel can be read.

Secure WiFi VPNsThere is always risk when we use the Internet, just as when we go about our daily routines in the real world. But we can minimize these risks of the virtual world with WiFi VPNs just as we take care to avoid unnecessary danger in the real one. When we must use public hotspots, WiFi VPNs are like armor that shields us from the high risks levels present on these open networks. Users who stay connected to their WiFi VPNs are continually protected from criminals who want to steal their passwords, credit card numbers, proprietary data, personal messages and more.

It is not always easy to know which network at a WiFi hotspot is the safe one. Most often we simply don’t have the time to sort them out. Other times the secure networks are too crowded and we just have to pick another one. WiFi VPNs are there to make these unsafe connections safe for people to use at any time they need them. Public WiFi may be said to be the genius behind the recent expansion in many businesses. But it is really WiFi VPNs that encourages healthy growth because it is WiFi VPNs that protect against potentially huge loses.

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  2. Many then also forget to disconnect Wi-Fi, thinking that closing their browser is good enough. Even worse are the people who leave their Wi-Fi on so their phone or whatever keeps connecting to whatever Wi-Fi signal it finds.

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