Wi-Fi Hotspot Safety

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Alvin Bryan

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How can a VPN encrypt your data and keep you safe at Wi-Fi hotspots?

Did you know that every time you connect to a public Wi-Fi access point, you put yourself at risk of having your private information stolen? It may seem sensational, but a vast number of Wi-Fi hotspots are severely ill configured, security-wise – especially ones that require no password for users to connect (always be wary of these). So, with that in mind, what do you do to for Wi-Fi hotspot safety to protect your otherwise vulnerable data?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) software, like VPN Express, is an amazingly simple solution that will allow you to encrypt every single bit of data traveling to and from your computer. Many people who are aware of VPNs tend to think of them as solutions only for companies who want to allow employees to remotely connect to internal resources, like documents, proprietary software, etc.; however, VPNs can be used by the everyday individual simply to establish a secure connection in any environment. Here’s how it works:

secure VPN, secure browsing

Get secure browsing with a VPN connection.

First, you install VPN software on your computer. Then, let’s say you go spend some time in a book store, working on a novel of yours and using their public Wi-Fi hotspot to do some research. After connecting to the hotspot, you simply run your VPN software, select a server to connect to, and then go about your typical Internet-browsing duties. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re confused by the run-your-VPN-software-then-select-a-server-to-connect-to part, don’t be! All that means is that all of the Internet traffic to and from your computer will go through the VPN server, first. The VPN software on your computer encrypts and decrypts every single bit of data to and from your computer that travels to and from the VPN server. To allow you to visualize this more clearly, here’s a play-by-play scenario using VPN Express as an example:

1: Install VPN Express on the computer you will be taking with you to use so that you can be assured of public Wi-Fi hotspot safety.

2: When you want to use a particular Wi-Fi hotspot, connect to it, then start VPN Express before you visit any Web sites or do anything else online. VPN Express will ask you which server you want to connect to. There are many to choose from that reside in various countries, but you can choose any one you like (ones closest to your country will be a bit faster).

3: Once connected to the VPN server of your choice, you can then do whatever you would like as you normally would. For example, let’s say you now want to go to Google to do some research.

4: When you type google.com into your browser and you hit enter, the VPN software on your computer encrypts that request before it leaves your computer. Then, that information goes to the VPN server, which decrypts your request. The VPN server then accesses google.com, encrypts it, sends it back to your computer, then the VPN Express software decrypts it and you see google.com load in your browser as it normally would. It may sound like a lot, but this all happens within a fraction of a second (though speeds may vary, depending on the speed of the public Wi-Fi access point you’re connected to), and all transparently to you!

5: Everything else you do online will be given the exact same treatment, whether it’s browsing Google, watching YouTube videos, reading email, listening to streaming radio, doing online banking, playing online poker, or otherwise. Not a single bit of data to or from the Internet leaves or enters your computer unencrypted when you use VPN Express!

Wi-Fi Hotspot Safety

Use Wi-Fi Hotspots Safely

So, whether you’re staying at a hotel, venturing off to do some work at a local coffee shop, or waiting it out for a flight to a travel destination, VPNs are the easiest, sure-fire solution to making sure your data is safe and secure.

If you have any questions regarding VPN software, or if you’d simply like more information about VPN Express and the simple, cost-effective VPN solutions they offer, please click here to visit their site.

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