What’s my IP Address on VPN?

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

There are different ways to change the IP address that is publicly displayed when you go online. We’ve put together here some information about the different aspects of the question, “What’s my IP address?” Here it is explained what information an IP address contains, and how to get a different one. Find information also on why not revealing your IP is important, and why a VPN is the best way to do it. For security as well as unrestricted access to online content, you need to know all about your IP.

What is My IP Address?

There are many free online tools that will easy show you your IP address. Your IP address shows where you are physically located. It can also contain information about your ISP, and point to personal information about you. Hackers have programs that allow them to manipulate the IP address to learn more.

Hiding your real IP keeps the information that is available hidden. Hackers can manipulate little bits of information to get more and more data. They eventually hit on something that they can use to steal your identity and hack into your accounts. They dig for as much personal information as they can to hack as many people as they can. The end result is always money, and they eventually get it if you allow them even just a peek at your personal data.

Unrestricted Access

Whats my IP address and why is it blocked?IP addresses can be banned for different reasons, in different ways, by different parties. Some IP addresses are banned by certain websites to stop people from using them. Others are restricted by ISPs either partially or fully to control bandwidth. Governments can also block IPs in accordance with their internet restriction policies. Your IP is like an ID card, so if your IP is blocked, your access is blocked.

Using a different IP address grants you access to a lot of online content that your real IP address can’t.
Changing or hiding your IP address is also important to mask the fact that you are accessing websites or applications that are being restricted or blocked.

Privacy and Data Security

whats my ip address, secure IP VPN

Secure your IP with a VPN connection.

With your IP address visible to everyone, it is impossible to maintain online privacy. So much information is publicly and readily available to webmasters, advertisers, and hackers just based on your IP address. Anyone with the right tools can see the websites you visit, indeed, your every move. Exposing your traffic data then poses a security risk. Hackers can easily get into your email, instant messages, and even protected accounts like Facebook and banks. Everyone should be concerned about online security and internet privacy for their own good. Hiding your IP address is the first step in achieving this.

Ways to Change your IP Address

You can request a different IP from your ISP if your IP address has been blocked by websites. But this won’t help you gain access to content that is restricted by them or the government.

Web proxies and SOCKS proxies are popular methods. They provide a list of IPs to route traffic through. This can get you access to restricted websites and applications and country-specific content. This is not an all-in-one solution, however, and different IPs and settings are needed for different uses. You also need some knowledge of proxy configuration for it to work properly on different browsers and applications and not mess up your computer’s settings. Proxies are not secured, so your traffic is still in danger of being intercepted and traced back to you if the proxy is detected. This is dangerous in places where hacker activity is high and in countries that have strict internet censorship laws.

A VPN provider like ExpressVPN can reroute all your traffic through the VPN server. This is where the new IP address comes from. You can get an IP from a range of locations provided. ExpressVPN provides servers in many locations worldwide to grant you access to country-specific content of your choice, all protected by the same server security and tunnel protocols. ExpressVPN can open all unblocked websites, browsers, messaging apps, VoIP, etc. The IP that you get from your VPN service is associated with the ExpressVPN server, and protected by it. All the data and traffic that passes through the server is encrypted and hidden cannot be seen or traced back to you through your real IP.

What's my IP Address on ExpressVPNA VPN is really the only safe and convenient way to protect your personal data and maintain privacy online. Visit the ExpressVPN website today to learn more about their service and how it will work for you.