VPNs for Windows Data Security

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Alvin Bryan

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VPNs for WindowsWindows remains to be the most popular operating system. And this is despite the heavy suspicion that the NSA has a back door into the OS. Windows was the first operating system to introduce VPN compatibility. And there are numerous custom VPNs for Windows as well. This makes a big difference in Internet security that puts people at ease.

Windows OS Security

News of the possible NSA backdoor into the Windows OS has caused a stir. A backdoor would mean that the NSA can access anything stored on a Windows system. Without transparency, this could mean that they are not admitting to accessing US user data. This is against the law. And what about other Windows users around the world? They, too, are likely suffering an invasion of privacy that they would not be able to act on through due process. But using secure online storage and other services has become the solution for many. By keeping sensitive information off their PCs and laptops, people can avoid being compromised.

VPNs for Windows Internet Security

VPNs for Windows NSAThe most attractive Internet security tools of 2013 are undeniably the personal VPNs for Windows. And among these, the best are undoubtedly the OpenVPN varieties. Internet security revolved mostly around the surveillance and data gathering activities of the NSA and its allies. And this brought VPNs for Windows to new levels of fame in the latter part of the year.

Windows natively supports the PPTP and L2TP or L2TP/IPSec protocols. But some providers offer VPNs for Windows that are customized to use OpenVPN. This is important because both PPTP and L2TP/IPSec are not secure. SSTP is also secure and Windows compatible. But it is also likely compromised because of Microsoft’s collaboration with the NSA. PPTP has already been denounced by Microsoft itself as being unsecure. But people still use it because it’s fast. The much better alternatives are Open VPNs for Windows which can offer comparable speeds and high levels of security. L2TP/IPSec is good for blocking hacker attacks and data mining. But it is unsecure because it is likely compromised by the NSA. OpenVPN on the other hand is not. And it also has no known vulnerabilities. Some encryption standards are suspect, like the popular AES, but OpenVPN is still by far the best bet. This is because it is open source and any backdoors or vulnerabilities will be easily spotted and addressed. There are numerous independent developers who are concerned with the security of the protocol. They police the code in any case for their own security if not for the security of all using OpenVPN.

ExpressVPN VPNs for WindowsOpenVPN is by far the best choice for VPNs for Windows. You can set up and configure your own OpenVPN or use a customized OpenVPN app. Just remember that with apps there are other considerations when selecting your OpenVPN provider. Review their privacy policies, terms of service, server options and connection limitations before you sign up.

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