VPN Services Halt Account Breaches; Data Theft Increases by 40%

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Alvin Bryan

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The number of account breaches has not increased since 2013 as expected. Security experts attribute much of this to the use of VPN services. But data thefts have increased by 40% despite the decrease in account hacks. Experts say that this is due to a lack of security measures taken by Internet companies.

VPN Services Deter the Increase in Account Breaches

Account VPN ServicesOver the years, the number of people affected by account hacks has always increased. This year, though, the rise in numbers has stopped. People have reported the same number of account breaches as they did over the previous year. Security experts have correlated this with the increase in use of VPN services. VPN services encrypt and anonymize user activities on the Internet. This means that hackers can’t easily steal the user data they need to compromise online accounts.

A decrease in account breaches is not as amazing as hacks not happening at all. But finding a way to ward them off is great. The halt in the progression of account hacks is owed to VPN services. VPN services can be used by people to protect their online accounts. This evidence gives them the proof they need to believe in and start using VPN services. When more people actively decide to use VPN services, account hacks can be greatly reduced.

Data Theft Increases by 40%

Data VPN ServicesVPN services have helped people to avert account breaches. But the steady increase in data theft is still not under control. This year, there were 40% more incidences of data theft than there were last year. A few of these data breaches happened on individual computers. But the vast majority of data theft happens from company servers. Good examples are the major thefts from Neiman Marcus and Target.

Internet companies hold a lot of user data. Their servers are large storehouses of names, account numbers, financial details and more. Hackers go for these servers because the rewards are greater. They also know that people are more proactive about computer security while companies are not. This makes Internet companies even better targets.

Company VPN ServicesThere is a discrepancy in the reduction of account breaches and the huge increase in cases of data theft. Experts explain that this is due to the lax attitude of companies towards server security. People have started using VPN services as regular tools for Internet security. But VPN services cannot secure the data that people have on Internet company servers. The companies that store user data need to take security more seriously.

The kind of data being stolen today makes the thefts more serious. Most of the data being taken is very sensitive. It is comprised of credit card and Social Security numbers and bank account numbers and codes. People need to be more careful who they choose to store their data. This means not only cloud storage but carefully checking where they shop, whether online or retail.

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