VPN Proxies and Other Proxy Types

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

VPN Proxies IPVPN proxies and other kinds of proxies basically have the same purpose. They change users’ IP addresses to mask their identities and to gain access to blocked content. There are both free and paid VPN proxies and proxy services. And the different types use different methods and so produce different results.

Proxy Server Types

Open proxies are basically computers used as go-between servers for a user’s computer and the Internet. The proxy takes the user’s traffic and reroutes it so it looks like it’s coming from the proxy’s IP address. Proxies don’t usually encrypt traffic, or not very well. This makes them faster and available to a greater number of users. But they are not secure and attract a lot of malicious users.

HTTP Proxies

HTTP VPN ProxiesHTTP proxies read web traffic, so they are used for only website pages. If you need a proxy to access a blocked website, you can use this. They don’t work for advanced blocking techniques, though. They are fast and usually free to use. But if you want to stay safe, it is not the best choice. Your ISP and the government, for instance, can easily detect your activities. You also need to configure your browser to run over the proxy.

Web proxy providers use HTTP proxy servers. The services do the configuration for you. They still do not encrypt traffic and still cannot overcome Flash and Java script techniques for detecting original IP addresses. Common HTTP proxies are also often blocked by websites and ISPs, so you have to find and test new ones as old ones become unusable. And you will have to deal with a lot of ads which can carry viruses and malware. Your data may also be shared by the administrators.

SOCKS Proxies

SOCKS proxies can do more than just web pages, so they are flexible but slower. You can route any type of traffic through them, so they are useful for email, chat, and file uploads and downloads. SOCKS also requires configuration for each program that will use it. It is likewise not secure due to lack of encryption and easy detection. With SSL, however, it can be useful for anonymous downloading.

Public and Private Proxies

VPN Proxies SpeedPublic proxy servers are free to use and open to everyone. They are unsecure and unstable, though, because so many people use them. And because of this they are also usually slow or offer erratic speeds. Public proxies are also often managed by individual volunteers. This means they simply don’t have the support they need. So, they don’t provide support to users. And they could be selling or sharing user data and getting ad support from questionable sources.

Private proxies are open to subscribers who pay to use the service. Because they are supported by user fees, they are more reliable and usually safer. They also provide support for users in terms of troubleshooting and configuration. Some companies have pre-configured solutions for hassle-free connections.

VPN Proxies – VPNs

VPN Proxies SecureVPNs are basically a type of Private proxy. VPN proxies route traffic through a VPN server. This hides the users’ IP addresses. But VPN IP hiding is superior to any other proxy type so the user is protected from detection. VPN proxies also open up access to blocked websites. But they are capable of getting around almost any type of block.

VPNs also have a lot more features than the other types of proxies. VPNs for example create private tunnels for user data and traffic to flow through. This secures data, which is also encrypted by the service. Your ISP, the government, and malicious third parties cannot easily intercept or read your data.

Different VPN providers will provide different levels of privacy and security. The best services will not log your data and will offer OpenVPN for a reasonable price. The very best will offer you this plus multiple server connections and protocol options without charging extra. There are both configurable VPNs and pre-configured VPN apps available.