Windows 8 Updates and VPN for Windows RT

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Alvin Bryan

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Microsoft VPN for Windows RTMicrosoft announced that they will be releasing another update for Windows 8. Frequent updates will be a new trend for the company. They said that they are also going to update their phones so that users can connect via VPN for Windows RT. This new attitude of Microsoft is attributed to the new CEO Satya Nadella, who was behind last week’s release of new iPad apps for Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Upcoming Windows 8 Update

Microsoft used to release updates to their operating systems only every few years. But with Windows 8 they undertook to release more frequent updates. It seems they are keeping their word to respond in a timely manner to customer feedback. The last Windows 8 update was released just a year after the new OS came out. And now, just 6 months later, another update is scheduled for release. The company mentioned a few additions to the OS when they attended the Barcelona conference last February.

VPN for Windows RT 8The second Windows 8 update will focus on ease of use. There have been many complaints about the disappearance of certain features. Microsoft will bring back the mouse and keyboard controls that were popular on previous Windows versions. Closing applications is also going to be easier with the return of the traditional clickable “x” box. The new Windows 8 version will also have the settings and power buttons back on the beloved Start page. A search feature is also going to be returned there. These changes come from feedback about how cumbersome it is to find these features from the elusive popup menu on the right side of the screen.

Microsoft may give more details about the Windows 8 update this week at their Build conference for developers. The update is as yet unnamed, but is likely to be released very soon. Windows 8 is the worst selling Microsoft OS. These updates hope to solve the customer complaints that caused the decline.

VPN for Windows RT Update

VPN for Windows RTAnother announcement revealed that Microsoft will be updating Windows Phone. The main feature will be to configure it to run a VPN for Windows RT. BYOD has been very big in business. Microsoft is catching up to the corporate trend by introducing VPN for Windows RT compatibility. The Windows Phone has to function competitively in the corporate world.

VPN for Windows RT will bring the device up to speed. BYOD users can contact their offices securely, which is the need that companies are focusing on. There has been a fresh rash of hacks tormenting companies. Hacker extortion has also become a popular attack. Companies know that securing BYOD devices will reduce the chances of running into trouble with hackers.

The addition of dual SIM to the Windows Phone is another feature that Microsoft is looking into. They have recently been paying more attention to feedback like this from emerging markets. They want to suit their devices to current trends and needs and release appropriate updates accordingly.

Microsoft is working on the integration of their various systems so they can use more of the same underlying code. This makes developing applications for Windows devices more painless. One of the biggest complaints has been the unavailability of Windows Phone apps, including VPN for Windows RT.