VPN Compatibility and Uninstall Errors

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Many people test out different VPN services to get the feel of them. It is a good idea to take advantage of trial and money-back offers to test VPN copatibility. This is how you can really see how a VPN works for you and which one you prefer. But some VPN provider apps can conflict with other apps you have installed. Some also do not have clean uninstalls that cause errors when users try to install a different product.

Check VPN Compatibility

Before VPN Software Compatibilitytrying any VPN software, check first for VPN compatibility. Confirm that the version you are trying to download is compatible with the devices you will test it on. The software may work, but VPN compatibility can be tricky. Errors may pop up if you force your system to accept the software. If you have trouble verifying VPN compatibility with your device, contact the provider and ask which app they recommend. Ask them also about the VPN compatibility with other software that you have installed on that device. Make sure that the VPN will not conflict with security software most especially.

Check the VPN Uninstall Features

Check with the provider that you want to try out what the options are for removing the software. VPN Compatibility Uninstall ErrorOf course, no one wants to lose a subscriber, but they should be willing to demonstrate the procedure. Then you can try installing the software, connecting, and immediately uninstalling it. If you do not see any problems, use it as you normally would for the prescribed period. But be sure to remove the software before the period runs out or you are prompted to renew.

VPN Compatibility with Security Settings and Other Applications

If you know that the trouble you are experiencing isn’t because of VPN compatibility, check your settings. The VPN app may be conflicting with your computer security settings or other software you have installed. Often, the problem has to do with your firewall. If you have not allowed the VPN app to run past your security, it will cause problems. App VPN CompatibilityDon’t change any settings outside of the VPN, however, or you may create a security hole. If you are unfamiliar with firewall settings, get help from a techie friend or contact the VPN provider.

Troubleshooting VPN Compatibility Errors

VPN compatibility is often a VPN software issue. The VPN provider should be able to either admit that the app is incompatible or provide you with a solution. Get email support or a link to a webpage where the solution is clearly explained. If you cannot find clear instructions, get live support. You don’t want to mess around with your device settings if you are not sure what changing them will do.

Troubleshooting VPN Compatibility Errors

If everything was doing just great until you tried to uninstall the VPN app after using it for some time, contact the provider again. Inform them that you tried to follow the uninstall procedure that was laid out for you when you started using the service. They should be able to walk you through a clean uninstall. If the VPN provider cannot give you clear instructions for uninstalling the app and getting rid of errors, try to clean the software and all related files from your device manually. VPN Compatibility Uninstall ErrorBe careful when removing components that you do not recognize. If you are unsure of how to do this, get help from someone who can identify the files. Removing files that are associated with other applications can cause them to malfunction or stop working.

There is no sure way to be certain that you will not encounter VPN compatibility issues. But these steps can make the process much easier if you ever do encounter errors. Especially if you start noticing strange behavior from your other installed software, it will help you to identify, report, and get help to fix the problem.

18 thoughts on “VPN Compatibility and Uninstall Errors

  1. I simply want to say I liked your blog. You definitely have an incredible way of explaining this stuff that I usually have difficulty understanding. Appreciate it.

  2. Your web page has lots of interesting information. I had the same problem with uninstalling a VPN that I gave up because they were so slow and did not answer service requests. I’m going to try ExpressVPN.

  3. Thanks so much for this! I haven’t been this jarred by a post for a long period of time. You’ve got it, I agree completely. You’re certainly somebody that has something to say that people need to hear. Keep on inspiring the people!

  4. I think this is a topic that needs more attention from reviewers and providers. There is a lot of information about easy installation but little about real compatibility especially with less popular platforms, and they don’t help with removing software. I have tried 3 VPN providers and had uninstall errors twice.

  5. It definitely does. Most providers focus on helping people use their service but lose interest when it’s time to switch. Understanding consumer preferences and needs is a big part of a good service.

    • Check to see that all the components of the VPN have indeed been removed, and that you have unsubscribed from auto updates. Tools like CCleaner can help. You can also do it through your antivirus or firewall. If this doesn’t work, contact the provider and ask them for help to stop the pop ups.

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