Unblock Skype in 32 Countries with a VPN

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Unblock Skype with VPNMany useful web applications that help people stay in touch around the globe are not accessible to all. The most popular services are blocked in the 32 countries that practice some form of internet censorship. Skype is one such application, frustrating a slew of active users who have depended on it for business and personal communications. User activity in such countries is also monitored to ensure the success of bans. Users around the world will be happy to hear that a VPN service is a safe and effective way to unblock the Skype application while remaining anonymous.

Opportunities to Unblock Skype

Popular alternatives to VPN services for the budget-conscious are proxy servers. Proxy servers can change the user’s IP address to an IP in a country where Skype is not blocked. This can allow them to temporarily unblock Skype from their countries. For example, SOCKS proxies can be used. IPs from the SOCKS proxy list can be manually entered into Skype settings to route Skype communications through that IP. This only works for the Skype application, however, and other traffic from the device on other applications or on browsers will show up as coming from the user’s real IP. This is not very useful for people who need to access more than just Skype, or who need their online activities access to remain private.

The process of setting up proxies to unblock Skype can require some configuration, including enabling authentication. Playing around with your device’s proxy settings is not advisable for those who are unfamiliar with proxy and network settings. And not all proxies will work with the Skype application. Web proxies work to allow access to websites through the browser, but not to unblock Skype or any similar applications. A VPN will give you access for all applications and web traffic, all the time.

One important thing to know is that most web proxies and proxy servers are traceable, and the service can be blocked by the host country at any time. Once a proxy is detected, the traffic can be traced back to the user. This can reveal the user’s IP and in some cases their identity.

Unblock Skype with Browsing SecurityMany free and paid proxy services exist, but they are not to be compared to the security benefits of a VPN. Particularly because of stronger privacy, VPNs have been the most widely used services in countries with restricted internet. VPNs are also more secure because unlike proxies, they encrypt user data and route all traffic through the VPN server so it cannot be traced to the user’s real IP. A VPN will secure your online activity the whole time you are connected, ensuring that you remain anonymous while you are connected.

VPNs Retain the Advantage

The bottom line is that a VPN secures your data and your traffic, and keeps your real IP hidden as it works to give you access to both websites and internet-enabled applications. A VPN does all of this without the hassle of multiple settings and configurations, which can leave holes in your security if you do not know how to expertly cover all the bases.

Whichever VPN you use, you can use Skype from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a suitable internet connection. There are many free VPN services, but security and privacy levels differ, as do stability and speed. Free services are mostly supported by ads. Users need to put up with intrusive pop-ups and other potentially bothersome forms of advertisement. Services that do not provide reliable connections leave users vulnerable to snooping.

Unblock Skype ExpressVPN

Successfully and Safely Unblock Skype

For those who need a more comfortable and secure experience, several services are available for small monthly fees. The better VPN services also usually offer applications that work on different devices. One reliable service is ExpressVPN. The service offers a variety of fast servers in over 20 countries around the world. The ExpressVPN app and servers are stable, so there is no worry over losing the VPN and being detected.