Ultra VPNs Against Pricing Prejudice

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Dynamic Pricing Ultra VPNsDid you know that you could be overcharged for a product or service based on factors like what you browse and where you live? This type of pricing prejudice is practiced by many online stores. If you feel that you are being overcharged for airfare or gifts this holiday season, you are probably right. But travelers and shoppers can avoid getting the short end of the stick by using ultra VPNs. Ultra VPNs are the fast and reliable VPN services that help users stay anonymous online so they don’t fall victim to what is called dynamic pricing.

Ultra VPNs Fight Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is the term used to refer to the practice of changing prices based on consumer factors like spending habits. This has been done for many years based on location, but online stores very easily do this as well. And it’s not because of the costs of shipping items to different locations but based on general wealth in the area. So if you live in a high-income zip code, whether or not you have the dollars, you could be charged more. How do online stores do this? As soon as users visit their websites, their IP addresses reveal their locations. Nifty trackers also immediately reveal to the retailers the users’ browsing histories that lead them to prior purchases. You could also be charged more if you use a Mac because to them it means you were willing to pay more for your computer. Dynamic pricing is then just another way to get more for a product based on what the store thinks consumers are willing to pay. Airlines are among the companies that widely practice dynamic pricing. There is no way to force them to give travelers the best airfares, but using ultra VPNs prevents them from overcharging.

Dynamic Pricing Ultra VPNsA lot of online shoppers do not know that dynamic pricing exists, and that it can raise the price of an item or service by a substantial amount. And most of these people also do not know that they can get better deals by anonymizing their online activities. Ultra VPNs are great tools that help these consumers save. Ultra VPNs give consumers the ability to change their IP addresses so they can appear to be from a different zip code. Then they can search for the best deals by location. And they can make sure stores don’t dig into their browsing histories to snoop on their spending habits. An additional precaution is to change browser settings to privatize activities and use a tool like Ghostery to stop website tracking.

Additional Advantages of Ultra VPNs

Ultra VPNs SecurityAside from helping holiday shoppers save, ultra VPNs are great privacy and security tools. Whether for holiday shopping or everyday internet use, ultra VPNs provide a high level of data encryption and private tunneling. This keeps users safe from hackers, online stalkers, snoops and other malicious persons online. Ultra VPNs are especially useful during this season because it is prime time for cybercrime. There are a lot of thieves lurking around waiting for the next harassed shopper to distractedly open up access to their finances. Ultra VPNs also protect users year round from the various threats that exist online, all the time.