UK VPN Piracy Protection

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

The UK has very strict laws on file sharing to protect copyright owners. The problem is that people are caught based on the internet connection used for the illegal downloads. But internet connections are easy to hijack. So a lot of people in the UK get slammed for piracy when they had nothing to do with it. The solution is a UK VPN. The protection that a UK VPN gives people is two-fold. First, it shields users’ IP address and computer systems against online criminals. Second, by hiding the users’ IPs, it protects them from being falsely accused of piracy.

UK VPN against Connection Hijacking

UK VPN WiFiOnline criminals want to hijack users’ IP addresses and computer systems. They take over these IPs by hacking users’ internet connections. With the information that they get from the IP address and by following users around the internet, they gain enough knowledge to crack user computer systems too. They gain control over users’ computers to use as drones in their hacking and piracy operations. This gives them an alternate identity and free processing resources. Every crime gets traced back to the person who signed up for the internet connection.

A UK VPN saves people from this by providing an anonymous UK VPN IP address, data encryption, and private tunneling. If criminals can’t find the user’s IP, they can’t get the first set of data they need. They also can’t track the user to gain more information. And they can’t intercept and data from the user’s online communications. So they can’t learn what they need to know to hijack the connection. Thus a UK VPN protects users from being victims of IP and system hijacking.

UK VPN for Connection Security

UK VPN CopyrightWhen a user gets flagged for illegal downloading, there is more than one penalty. The user’s internet service provider will detect a large amount of traffic over the user’s connection. They will investigate and when they see that it is caused by file sharing activities, they will usually throttle the user’s connection. When the media owners detect the illegal downloads, they will charge the users’ for the stolen files. The proof comes from the IP address that accessed and downloaded the files. What is really happening in each case is that someone else has hijacked the user’s connection. The criminals use that person’s IP address to steal and it gets pinned on that person. These criminals sometimes also gain control over the person’s computer to use it as a drone to do their bidding. So users lose their internet speed, lose their computer processing power, and get fined for copyright infringement. All penalties for crimes they didn’t commit.

UK VPN SecurityWhen users have a UK VPN, they are protected from this. First, their IP addresses are hidden so criminals can’t find them and pirate files in their names. Next, in case criminals have already infiltrated their systems, the ISPs can’t monitor their connections and throttle their bandwidth. This eliminates one problem while users deal with getting back control of their connection and system. Media owners also cannot trace the piracy back to the users because they will not be able to see the users’ IP addresses. Thus they are safe from being wrongly accused of piracy.