Tweetdeck Vulnerability Comes at Worst Time

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Tweetdeck VulnerabilityThe Tweetdeck vulnerability discovered this week has coincided with the resignation of Twitter’s COO. This is very bad timing for the company, which is losing investor support. Twitter investors have lost faith in Twitter because of drops in share prices. Investors have threatened to pull out if Twitter cannot get more new users. With the new Tweetdeck vulnerability found, however, this may be more of a challenge than the company expected.

Twitter COO Resigns This Week

Ali Rowghani resigned Thursday as Twitter’s Chief Operating Officer. There was no reason given for his resignation. But it comes at a time when investors are pressuring the company to get more US users. Rowghani was responsible for bringing more people to the platform, yet Twitter growth has stagnated. Some speculate that his resignation has something to do with marked drops in the company’s share price. Rowghani will continue to advise Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, and his duties will be passed on to other members of Twitter management.

Two other top Twitter executives have already resigned from the company. Product Chief Michael Sippey left Twitter in January followed by Senior Vice-President of Engineering Christopher Fry just last month. Company revenues are on the rise, but the stagnated growth in the US is keeping investors tight fisted. The US market is feeding 75% of Twitter’s ad revenue. Without new users in the US, they feel that Twitter is a losing investment. Now Twitter has been reported for a potentially serious Tweetdeck vulnerability. Users don’t normally just quit when services like Twitter have security bugs. But users also don’t sign up for new accounts when these issues are in the news.

Tweetdeck Vulnerability Hits

Tweetdeck Vulnerability FoundOn June 11, a Tweetdeck vulnerability was found by an Austrian teen user. of the app. The web version is not vulnerable and can be further secured by connecting via VPN. It is an XSS vulnerability that can cause account hijacking among other threats. It also allowed a worm to get into the system. Both Tweetdeck vulnerabilities caused the client to shut down while the team worked on fixes. The official account announced that the Tweetdeck vulnerability has been fixed, but users are still having problems due to caching. Twitter has not issued any further comment on the issue.

The Tweetdeck vulnerability seems to have been patched quickly. But because of the client’s nature, the Tweetdeck vulnerability could have caused serious damage. Tweetdeck is used by many professionals, and the Tweetdeck vulnerability can cause account hijacking to control tweets, following/unfollowing, and automatic retweeting. One exploit came out just an hour and a half after the Tweetdeck vulnerability was discovered. A German IT student created a worm that caused his tweet to be retweeted 81,500 times. Users are still waiting for confirmation that they are safe from the Tweetdeck vulnerability.