Torrents VPNs and Torrents Downloader Teamup

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Foofind Torrents VPNsThe Internet was released to the public for the free distribution of information. It is still a place where people can share information freely. But there is a price to pay. Governments and big companies are using the Internet for their own profit. And so there are massive limitations to what was intended as an open avenue for people to share information. So Pablo Soto, Spanish businessman and Internet genius, came up with Foofind. Foofind is an fuels an improved torrents downloader and search engine. Together with torrents VPNs, Soto has put the power of the Internet back in the hands of users.

The Internet Commercialized

Everyone behind the opening up of the Internet to users all around the world had their own ideas for why they wanted it. But the current state of the Internet is not something that they all expected. People have been sharing all kinds of information on the Internet for over 20 years. It was a great leap for education, personal development, and business. People were able to learn so much from all the articles available. They had within their grasp so much culture and ideas. Companies also greatly benefited as they were able to communicate more easily and market their wares to the world on a free platform. But when they realized that they were not raking in pure profits, they balked. People started sharing their digital products on the Internet, made for sharing. So they ran to the authorities to complain about what should and should not be allowed to share in the Internet.

The Internet Serving Government Agendas

Torrents VPNs SpyGovernments have always known that information is power. And the Internet is the biggest pool of information from all around the world. With all the information being shared daily by billions of Internet users, it became one of their greatest assets. Governments have been using the Internet to gather intelligence on virtually any person or entity they desire. They are also trying to control it as if it were made to serve their purposes, and those of their allies.

Torrents VPNs and Soto’s Foofind

Companies continue to take advantage of the captive audience they have on the Internet. They continue to use this free platform to advertise and sign people up. And they even abuse their customers with data mining by taking their information and making more profits out of it. The Internet was not made for companies to make money out of. But when it is their products that are being shared, as the Internet was intended for, they say that this is wrong.

Torrents VPNs FreedomBut the Internet is still viewed by the majority of its users as a kind of free zone. It is a space where they can share freely. It is a zone that should never be controlled by any one agenda or entity. So people started to develop and use torrents VPNs to help bring back balance to the Internet. Torrents VPNs allowed them to continue freely sharing information despite corporate and government agendas. And they can share information privately and securely with these torrents VPNs. There are also several other tools that help people do the same. One of these is Foofind. And Pablo Soto is one of these people who believe in an Internet free of control. Soto was given a grant by the Spanish government to develop Foofind. They thought it was a new search engine that would give Spain an edge. But Soto also used it to fuel a BitTorrent search engine linked to the and domains. He released it as free software, another move to give control of the Internet back to its users, where it belongs.

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