Torrenting VPNs, Australia File Sharing and Site Blocks

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Alvin Bryan

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Australia Torrenting VPNsTorrenting VPNs became very popular around the world because they gave people access to content. In Australia, movie, TV and music fans constantly complained about content taking years to reach them. After years of being ignored, Australians started obtaining the content via torrenting sites. Then they turned to Torrenting VPNs. Torrenting VPNs gave them the power to obtain new US content within a reasonable time and without detection. But the government has been fighting this, and has new plans to stop illegal file sharing.

Fighting Content Piracy in Australia

The Australian government is discussing the implementation of additional anti-piracy measures. They plan to begin by handing out messages to suspected content pirates warning them to stop their illegal activities. Then they plan to give permission to Internet service providers to block websites that have illegal files available for download.

The government is hoping that it can strike deals with Internet service providers regarding the warnings and site blocks. They do not want to throw their weight around, but are prepared to get tough if illegal file sharing does not stop. The laws required to have Internet service providers implement the government’s plan may be in effect by June.

Torrenting VPNs WarningWarning messages are not new to other countries with file sharing problems. Among them are Australia’s neighbor New Zealand, and of course the United States. Others are France and South Korea. The first proposal, of sending letters to those found infringing copyright online, will already be familiar to Internet users in the United States, France, New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan.

The Australian government hopes that the warnings will be enough to discourage illegal file downloads. If not, they will start ordering Internet service providers to block illegal content sharing sites. For this to happen, though, the content owners would have to get court orders to block the sites. For this to happen, they would need to know where the illegally downloaded content came from.

Entertainment companies and Australian Internet service providers have talked about taking similar steps in the past. But they came up against problems like funding. The government will now have to work out the issues before they can implement the plan. Entertainment companies have also expressed that they would like to see the content pirates punished. The government has not released any information about this, or any other specifics about the plan.

Australia Torrenting VPNs

Australia has been battling illegal file sharing for years. The country’s residents often wait over a year on average to get new movies, TV shows and music from the United States. Content piracy started getting out of hand when calls for faster delivery were ignored. Australian consumers simply wanted to be able to get the content within a reasonable period. So they gave up asking and started getting the content however they could. This meant downloading illegal copies, primarily with the helps of Torrenting VPNs.

ExpressVPN Torrenting VPNs

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Australia’s plan to stop illegal file sharing is very similar to that of other countries with content piracy issues. The problem is that they have fallen behind the times. Torrenting VPNs like ExpressVPN are available everywhere these days, and Australian residents have become very good at using them. With these torrenting VPNs, they are able to watch the latest TV series and movies and listen to music hits on demand. It will not be easy to dissuade them without an alternative option.

Australia has been working on getting residents better access to content. But content will have to be available before people stop using torrenting VPNs to get it. Most people will gladly pay to get the entertainment they want. But they will not hold off without access as good as torrenting VPNs gives them.

10 thoughts on “Torrenting VPNs, Australia File Sharing and Site Blocks

  1. True. Most people are willing to pay for content as long as it is made available. Holding it back just makes people angry.

  2. I like the new content offerings, but I still use my VPN because I have set up accounts for online streaming over the years and I don;t want to start over.

  3. I just got into online streaming last year. I don’t really see a big difference because I’m new, but there is so much offered elsewhere that hasn’t reached Australia yet

  4. It’s always going to change, so I’ll just stick to VPNs because I don;t want to be dictated depending on what the companies decide at the moment.

  5. There’s definitely a lot more content today than ten years ago or even five. But we want what we want and we don’t like to wait. VPN, simple.

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  7. Slingshot tried to provide Global Mode for poeple to get better access but the media is trying to block people from knowing about it!

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