TheDayWeFightBack Mass Surveillance Protest

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Alvin Bryan

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At midnight today, February 11th, 2014, thousands of websites across the globe began to feature the banner. The protest launched from this website focuses on stopping mass surveillance. The site calls for US citizens to fight back. Mass Surveillance

How Americans Can Fight Mass Surveillance

US citizens are urged to contact their legislators and urge them to pass one and vote against another of two major bills. The first is the USA Freedom Act, which proposes limitations on the NSA’s surveillance powers. To fight against the abuses of the NSA, Americans must push their legislators to pass this bill. Moreover, they must urge Congress to make the bill even stronger so that mass surveillance abuses cannot continue. The second bill under consideration is the FISA Improvements Act. US citizens must urge legislators to vote against this bill. The NSA has been secretly collecting massive amounts of phone records. This bill will legalize this practice and ensure that it continues.

How Others Can Help in the Fight Against Mass Surveillance

NSA mass surveillance does not affect only Americans. Non-US citizens can help to fight this abuse of power by signing up on the website and helping to spread the word. They can share the event directly through social media platforms on or any way they can. There are also other events that have been scheduled around the world. These events are closely coordinated with efforts. Protest events are happening today in three UK cities, eight US cities, four European cities, and three other cities around the world. Visit the site’s Events Page for a complete list of events. People around the world are also encouraged to host their own events in support of the fight against mass surveillance.

Fight Mass Surveillance