How Yahoo Became PRISM’s First Victim

Back in 2008, we had no inkling about a massive spy program such as PRISM. But Yahoo did, because the government asked them to participate. When Yahoo said it was unconstitutional, the government threatened them with hefty fines. Facing bankruptcy, … Continue reading

How to Prevent Data Leaks with a Mobile Device VPN

Many websites can leak your personal information. Some of them have started using encryption after they learned about NSA spying. But even so, their mobile versions are not secured. Without a mobile device VPN, your phone will leak a lot … Continue reading

Online and VPN Data Encryption: the Key to Fighting NSA Spying

Internet users have been depending on VPN data encryption to help secure their online activities. But this does not secure the user data that Internet companies store on their servers. Edward Snowden has been promoting encryption as the cure for … Continue reading

VPNs for Yahoo Needed Since Privacy Requests are Ignored

Yahoo just announced that they are going to disregard any Do Not Track (DNT) requests. Facebook and Google have been doing the same for a long time. Now users will have to rely on VPNs for Yahoo and safe browsing … Continue reading

Yahoo VPNs and Encryption for Data Security

Many Internet users have been using Yahoo VPNs for almost a year now. Since the NSA PRISM program, they decided to protect their traffic with VPN encryption. Now Yahoo has finally announced a move to encrypt user data. This will … Continue reading