Private Messaging Not So Private

Viber and WhatsApp were in the news last April for sending unencrypted data. New research shows that a lot of other apps are doing the same. We use these apps thinking that we get private messaging. But they are putting … Continue reading

How to Prevent Data Leaks with a Mobile Device VPN

Many websites can leak your personal information. Some of them have started using encryption after they learned about NSA spying. But even so, their mobile versions are not secured. Without a mobile device VPN, your phone will leak a lot … Continue reading

Security VPN and World Password Day

Have you ever heard of World Password Day? Well, neither did a lot of people. World Password Day doesn’t really exist. It is a campaign by It aims to emphasize the need for creating and maintaining strong passwords. With … Continue reading

Australia VPNs Help as Cybercriminals Attack One in Four Users

Cybercriminal attacks on Australians have increased this year. About one in every four is a victim, a very high percentage. Australia VPNs have not been popular in the past. With these new threats, however, Internet users are expected to turn … Continue reading