Sky TV Blocks Content Access Ads in Support of Copyright Holders

The New Zealand ISP Slingshot created ads to promote its Internet services, including a small bit about its content access tool. The ISP’s Global Mode is similar to VPNs, and Sky TV raised copyright concerns. Sky TV, the main New … Continue reading

Shopping VPNs Stop Marketers from Manipulating Emotions

Marketers invest in research to discover how to make people buy things. Part of this research involves emotions and how they can be manipulated to elicit different responses. This means that marketers are gathering a lot of user info and … Continue reading

What Big Data is and How we can use a VPN to block unwanted data collection

What most of us know about big data is that companies and agencies gather our details to use them for marketing and to spy on us. So, many have begun to use a VPN to prevent it. But big data … Continue reading