China Messaging VPN the Only Hope for Open Chat

China has never showed signs of slowing down on Internet censorship. The latest from the creators of the Great Firewall is harsher restrictions on instant messaging. Services that want to continue operating in the country will have to help the … Continue reading

Quickflix VPN for Aussie TV Streaming

Quickflix is one of the most popular Australian streaming services. It has grown in the last year and can now be compared to services like Netflix. Like Netflix, access is restricted to people living in Australia. To stream shows from … Continue reading

Netflix VPN Use Rises Despite Proposed Price Hike

Netflix plans to raise prices for new subscribers soon. This comes despite record signups to the service and Netflix VPNs. Netflix says it’s for content improvements, but the Comcast deal makes it look suspicious. Record Netflix VPN and Account Signups … Continue reading

US VPN Stops Companies from Sniffing WiFi Traffic

Google has snooped on WiFi traffic just like the NSA has. Last September, an appeals court ruled that this snooping could be in violation of the Wiretap Act. Now Google is looking to the Supreme Court to decide the issue. … Continue reading