Twitter Sues for Rights to Disclose Government Data Requests

Twitter sued the Justice Department last Tuesday. The government does not allow them and several other online companies to release reports on NSA data requests. The tech giant wants to tell people exactly how many requests were made, and what … Continue reading

China Messaging VPN the Only Hope for Open Chat

China has never showed signs of slowing down on Internet censorship. The latest from the creators of the Great Firewall is harsher restrictions on instant messaging. Services that want to continue operating in the country will have to help the … Continue reading

How to Prevent Data Leaks with a Mobile Device VPN

Many websites can leak your personal information. Some of them have started using encryption after they learned about NSA spying. But even so, their mobile versions are not secured. Without a mobile device VPN, your phone will leak a lot … Continue reading

UK Twitter VPNs and New Twitter Chief

UK Twitter VPNs have been popular tools for private social media access and sharing. But Twitter seems to be gearing up for some major privacy policy changes. And it all begins with their new public policy chief, Nick Pickles. UK … Continue reading