Google Project Zero to Fight Hacker, NSA Exploits

Google has a new team that it has put together for a special purpose. This team of researchers is called Project Zero. They are tasked to focus on Internet security threats. Google says the team’s efforts will work to fight … Continue reading

VPN Cybersecurity Plus Data Encryption for Unprotected Online Storage

The Stored Communications Act (SCA) has been contested for years. But although many see it as unconstitutional, it stands. The SCA grants the US government full access to any data stored online. In this day and age of cloud storage, … Continue reading

VoIP VPNs Block Governments Who Still Listen to Calls

Vodafone released a surprisingly detailed report last week on the governments that snoop on telephone conversations. The 29 countries they serve around the world are included. Vodafone is one of the biggest providers of cellular service in the world. Quite … Continue reading

Snapchat VPN for Privacy

Snapchat was advertised as a private media sharing service. Many flocked to it because it promised that shared media would be deleted after a certain period. But this has not been happening according to a recent report from the Electronic … Continue reading