Private Browser DuckDuckGo Blocked in China

China has blocked the private browser DuckDuckGo, the well-known privacy-conscious search engine. A couple of US services are still available in the country, but they are heavily monitored and censored. DuckDuckGo is still accessible via VPN, but unconnected Chinese users … Continue reading

Fight Brute Force Attacks with Password Security

Brute force attacks still work because people ignore password security. Websites can use SSL encryption and it won’t matter if they don’t have decent passwords. Users can access their accounts through secure VPNs, but it won’t help if they still … Continue reading

Australia VPNs Help as Cybercriminals Attack One in Four Users

Cybercriminal attacks on Australians have increased this year. About one in every four is a victim, a very high percentage. Australia VPNs have not been popular in the past. With these new threats, however, Internet users are expected to turn … Continue reading

NSA Hacking System Defeats VPN Internet Security

Edward Snowden has surprised us yet again with the contents of another batch of NSA documents. In these, we can read the details of a highly developed and powerful NSA hacking system. The umbrella system is called Turbulence. This system … Continue reading

Facebook VPNs Vital as NSA Spoofs Connections

A batch of new NSA secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal a new connection between Facebook and the NSA. Facebook VPNs are necessary to protect users from data mining by the social media giant, and data sharing with the … Continue reading