Home Depot Knew About Data Vulnerability in 2008

The Home Depot hack put an estimated 56 million accounts at risk. The credit cards used at the store could be used for fraudulent purchases amounting to about 3 billion US dollars. Home Depot says they are doing all they … Continue reading

Weaponized Malware from Germany

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange doubts Germany’s commitment to user privacy. Weaponized malware continues to be sold from the country to foreign nations. WikiLeaks’ Spy Files updated in August contain the new versions of the FinFisher weaponized malware. Human rights activists … Continue reading

How Yahoo Became PRISM’s First Victim

Back in 2008, we had no inkling about a massive spy program such as PRISM. But Yahoo did, because the government asked them to participate. When Yahoo said it was unconstitutional, the government threatened them with hefty fines. Facing bankruptcy, … Continue reading