Russian Protests Could Lead to Nationwide Internet Disconnection

Russian President Vladimir Putin is thinking about ways to cut the country off from the Internet. He says that if and when they face an emergency situation, the Kremlin feels that Internet disconnection is a must. Plans that the president’s … Continue reading

How Yahoo Became PRISM’s First Victim

Back in 2008, we had no inkling about a massive spy program such as PRISM. But Yahoo did, because the government asked them to participate. When Yahoo said it was unconstitutional, the government threatened them with hefty fines. Facing bankruptcy, … Continue reading

NSA Treasure Map Responsible for German Telecom Breaches

Earlier this year, news came out of NSA hacks on several telecommunications companies. Last November, the New York Times reported on the Treasure Map program of the NSA. The same batch of documents and recent telecom hacks now show that … Continue reading