Home Depot Knew About Data Vulnerability in 2008

The Home Depot hack put an estimated 56 million accounts at risk. The credit cards used at the store could be used for fraudulent purchases amounting to about 3 billion US dollars. Home Depot says they are doing all they … Continue reading

Fight Brute Force Attacks with Password Security

Brute force attacks still work because people ignore password security. Websites can use SSL encryption and it won’t matter if they don’t have decent passwords. Users can access their accounts through secure VPNs, but it won’t help if they still … Continue reading

New Facebook Malware from Videos

There is a trojan virus that is spreading like wildfire across Facebook. It comes from malicious websites that users access via a video link. This is not the first Facebook malware scam, but this particular video malware is fast and … Continue reading

Google Project Zero to Fight Hacker, NSA Exploits

Google has a new team that it has put together for a special purpose. This team of researchers is called Project Zero. They are tasked to focus on Internet security threats. Google says the team’s efforts will work to fight … Continue reading

How to Get Proper Cyber Security

To get the right kind of cyber security for your needs, you first need to understand cyber security threats. The Internet is no longer a special place where only tech nerds can function. Believing that cyber security is the domain … Continue reading