Government Surveillance Can’t Touch BitTorrent Bleep Internet Communications

BitTorrent has designed a new piece messaging software that promises privacy from government surveillance. The tool is called Bleep, and BitTorrent claims it protects users’ metadata and identities. Communications software has always been prone to government surveillance programs. Bleep is … Continue reading

How to Get Proper Cyber Security

To get the right kind of cyber security for your needs, you first need to understand cyber security threats. The Internet is no longer a special place where only tech nerds can function. Believing that cyber security is the domain … Continue reading

90% of NSA Intercepts Involve Non-Targets, 50% Americans

A very revealing report about the NSA dragnet came out over the weekend. NSA intercepts provided by Snowden were recently analyzed. They show that only 10% of the persons involved were legal targets. The US government has vehemently denied Snowden’s … Continue reading

Government App Spying Targets Android Smartphones

Governments have been equipped with app spying malware for years. Recently a sly and powerful Android spyware program was discovered. Citizen Lab uncovered this app spying program created by Hacking Team. It is a trojan injected into legitimate apps that … Continue reading