Cryptography Backdoors Undermine User Security

Apple’s iOS 8 is out with data encryption for users, and Google’s encrypted Android L is expected soon. Apple and Google both announced that their newest devices would come with encryption technology. US law enforcement officials have been having tantrums … Continue reading

Private Browser DuckDuckGo Blocked in China

China has blocked the private browser DuckDuckGo, the well-known privacy-conscious search engine. A couple of US services are still available in the country, but they are heavily monitored and censored. DuckDuckGo is still accessible via VPN, but unconnected Chinese users … Continue reading

NSA Treasure Map Responsible for German Telecom Breaches

Earlier this year, news came out of NSA hacks on several telecommunications companies. Last November, the New York Times reported on the Treasure Map program of the NSA. The same batch of documents and recent telecom hacks now show that … Continue reading

How Snowden Turned Whistleblower

Edward Snowden is not a spy. He just saw a lot of things that shocked him when he worked for the NSA. And he turned whistleblower because he feels that people need to know about the things that affect them. … Continue reading