BBC Says VPN Users are Pirates

The Australian government has consulted with BBC on controlling copyright infringement. The commercial division of the corporation responded, saying that VPN users are probably illegally downloading content. This is an unfair assumption especially in today’s privacy-conscious world. Australia’s Content Piracy … Continue reading

Sky TV Blocks Content Access Ads in Support of Copyright Holders

The New Zealand ISP Slingshot created ads to promote its Internet services, including a small bit about its content access tool. The ISP’s Global Mode is similar to VPNs, and Sky TV raised copyright concerns. Sky TV, the main New … Continue reading

Unblock Websites like

If you have recently left the UK, You may be disappointed to find that you can no longer access certain websites like These websites that you got into without trouble before are probably blocked by content restrictions. The good … Continue reading

What You Get with a UK IP VPN

Have you recently enjoyed content from sites like BBC iPlayer and Sky in the UK only to find that after leaving British soil you were no longer welcome to access it? UK website blocks can be overwhelming, but a simple … Continue reading