Stay Anonymous with a Torrents VPN

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Get Torrents VPNTorrenting remains popular despite the many dangers surrounding downloading and file sharing. But it gets much safer with the use of a torrents VPN. Torrents VPNs are designed to give users safer access to BitTorrent and other distributed and even undistributed file sharing sources.

Anonymizing Tools for Torrenting

If you are downloading from a single source that you trust completely, you may not think that you need any type of anonymizing software at all. But even though you trust your source to not reveal your identity or location, this information is actually readily available. Your internet service provider has a record of your name, contact information, and where your internet is connected. Your phone company also has your personal data on file that can connect you to activities conducted on your mobile device. It is very easy to track individual users to see what websites they visit and what they do there. Staying anonymous with the right tools when conducting file sharing activities is very important.

Using a Torrents VPN Versus Other Anonymizing Tools

Torrents VPNsMany users get behind a web proxy when visiting file sharing sites. This is good enough for most, but cannot guarantee security. Many use these proxies because they are free. But these services also pose threats to users. Users are at the mercy of the proxy administrators. Some may be OK, but others could be taking your data and selling it to data brokers. Others may be infecting you with malware or allowing others to do so. These services are often not closely monitored because they are free services that administrators manage on their free time. Most cannot devote the resources needed to make sure that their files and site are malware and virus-free. Many also allow ads on their sites to help them keep up with the costs of maintaining the proxy service. The ads may or may not be checked, and can be annoying at the very least. Clicking on them can be dangerous as well. And some sites don’t even show the ads – you accidentally click on an empty space and find that your browser has opened another page. These ads can lead users to websites that are infected and will infect users’ systems.

Anonymous Torrents VPNWhen you have a good torrents VPN, you are much safer from malware, viruses, and identity theft. You are also safe from snoops. Proxy services are not set up to block spies. There are just so many users on them all the time that it is nearly impossible to monitor them. The same is true for many free VPN services. It’s a simple matter of the resources available to the company. To make sure that you are really anonymous online, you need a reliable torrents VPN. In general, a VPN will encrypt all your data and traffic, and send it through a private tunnel to the VPN server that will assign you a new and untraceable IP address. This way, your identity and data are protected by anyone seeking to intercept, alter or steal it. Using a torrents VPN is a more secure way to do torrenting because it is designed to give you top security and privacy for assured online anonymity.

Download a Torrents VPN Today

Download a Torrents VPN Today

Download a Torrents VPN Today[/caption]Using a torrents VPN can also be much more convenient than a proxy service. The tool that you use to download files can be configured to run over a proxy at all times. But you are not in control over the speeds that you will get. And it can be very time-consuming to reconfigure your proxy settings. Every time you experience slow speeds due to congestion, you need to switch proxy IPs. These services are also not stable and can get banned from time to time. This leaves you again spending a lot of time and effort finding new proxies, testing them out and adjusting your settings. A torrents VPN will simply run all your traffic through the VPN server you choose. The only time you need to change settings is if you want to use a server in a different location. Even so, it is done with one click, and no further adjustments or configuration is necessary. Stay anonymous online to protect all your activities with a torrents VPN.

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