Variety Plus SM and Chat VPN Equals Better Privacy

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Knowledge of Chat VPN DevicesIt may not be the first thing you think of, but copying teens may bring better online security. Teenagers are often scolded for being on their phones and laptops all the time. But all the time they spend with technology can now give adults an advantage. They know a lot more about the devices and websites that give users better online privacy. And combining this with a chat VPN can bring superior privacy protection to all.

Tech Like a Teen Plus Chat VPNs Make for Strong Privacy Online

Teenagers experiment a lot with technology. They are growing up in a world that views technology as something that can be played with. This gives them the advantage of using it in different ways. There is always something else that can be done, another way to get the desired results. So they spend a lot of time learning about technology and what they can make of it. With this knowledge, there is a lot to be gained from listening to the way they do things. And when these practices are added to the use of a a chat VPN, superior privacy protection is the result.


The way adults do things is more permanent. They have gotten used to keeping photo albums where images can be stored forever. They want to have a record of their conversations. Digital storage means using social media like Facebook or online services like Dropbox. This has caused a huge privacy problem because this content is getting picked up and used for other purposes. Facebook uses it for advertising, the NSA picks it up and stores it, Google modifies it and takes it for their own, and other websites and users do all kinds of other things with them. Cyber bullying is so strong and fierce because of the wealth of content that can simply be picked up, modified, and used against people.

Chat VPN plus Private MessagingTeens prefer apps like Snapchat that can be used to send instant photos and messages that don’t get stored. Sure, you can save them if you want to. But the point is that they are freer to share funny or embarrassing photos for a good laugh with friends. And they are not in danger of having these photos bite back because they have been stored somewhere online. And teens often use a variety of different apps to communicate with different people. The use of a variety of services is good for privacy because not every idea or conversation is on one account. Putting this together with a chat VPN means that there is very little chance that these interactions can be traced or linked with the users.

Email is something fewer and fewer teens are making use of. They find email difficult to use, and have it only for more formal uses. Adults are still in the email age, which poses another privacy problem. Many email services keep copies of all emails on their servers, even after users delete them. Email can help people keep track of conversations and organize data, but the new chat apps can do the same. Most people would not want every conversation they have to be recorded. So using these apps is much better than Hangouts or Facebook messaging. When you add the protection of a chat VPN, these apps can allow everyone to communicate without fear of having certain keywords picked up by spy agencies.

Coded Communications and Private Servers

Teens have long enjoyed conversing in code. Using coded language may seem childish to adults. But coded communications is just another form of encryption. Adults use chat VPNs to encrypt their communications. Teens do their own encryption to prevent others from being able to read the messages that they are sending. Combining coded messaging with a chat VPN is a great way to doubly secure your communications. Chat VPN Encryption, Coded MessagingTeens are growing up in a world where surveillance is a part of life. This makes them naturally more cautious about what they share and how they share it. They automatically think of their audience as well when they share content. If adults were to do the same, they could save themselves the grief of having undesirable content on record.

Whenever possible, teens also find gathering places where they are on a private server. It is not hard to run your own server these days. Doing this ensures control over the people who are there with you. There is not more danger of spies or lurkers or criminals. It is a safe place to talk and share information. And going on that server while connected to a chat VPN keeps the meeting place a secret.