SlickLogin Upgrades Google Security, VPN Downloads Help

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Google has been known for its secure logins with 2 factor authentication. But in an apparent bid to up security, they have acquired SlickLogin. With their new high-frequency validation system, online login security could become unbeatable. Paired with VPN downloads to mask user activity, it proves to be a winning combination.

SlickLogin and High-Frequency Authentication

SlickLogin VPN DownloadsSlickLogin is a new company born from the efforts of former Israeli Defense Force cybersecurity professionals. They are developing a method of securely logging into computer systems by using high-frequency tones. The tones will be produced by a computer to act as authentication for users. The acquisition by Google of this new company signals their faith in the SlickLogin validation system. The partnership is hoped also to produce a secure login system that is trouble-free for users while remaining effective.

The SlickLogin system has been compared to the RSA Security SecurID tokens. This involves entering randomly generated strings of numbers. The SlickLogin system requires a smartphone to log the tone emitted by the computer and send it to the website for login validation. Google has similar authentication protocols for their services. A user is sent a numeric code for additional verification when suspicious logins are detected.

Adding VPN Downloads for Secure Transactions

VPN Downloads SecurityMany online accounts may not store bank account details or credit card numbers or allow financial transactions. But the information stored there is nonetheless highly valuable. Adding a VPN download to your arsenal of security tools is a good idea. Google has realized the need for stronger measures than their existing 2-factor authentication. Part of this is because smartphone SMS is not actually very secure. Many apps allow access to SMS, which compromises the SMS validation system. Additionally, hackers and cyber thieves will always do their best to thwart any new security measures.

VPN downloads equip personal devices with strong encryption and private data tunneling. Users cannot be traced to the websites where they log in. This prevents hackers from even being able to plan how to get their codes. And especially when using the OpenVPN protocol, VPN downloads are virtually unhackable. Thousands of developers keep OpenVPN clean of any malicious elements that hackers use to break into these systems. VPN downloads are the extra protection users need on their end while Google secures their accounts locally with the new SlickLogin validation.