Shopping VPNs Stop Marketers from Manipulating Emotions

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Shopping VPNs Protect DataMarketers invest in research to discover how to make people buy things. Part of this research involves emotions and how they can be manipulated to elicit different responses. This means that marketers are gathering a lot of user info and trying to tailor ads to take advantage of our emotions. We need shopping VPNs to help mask our activities so they can’t do this. We can then carry on with our online shopping without worrying about getting duped.

How Marketers Manipulate Us

People react to hundreds of different stimuli every day. These stimuli elicit different emotions that we act on. Marketers have learned what emotions make people buy. And they create content designed to take advantage of social and physical situations that make us want to buy things. Here we lay out the different emotions and what they tend to make us do. This article also considers the way marketers use this in the online world to get ahead.

Shopping VPNs SharingAccording to the research of Donald Winnicott, we tend to share when we are happy. This is the first goal of marketers. If we share a product, product owners are likely to become more popular. Even if we ourselves don’t buy, we will end up showing the products to other people. So they use us in effect to do their marketing for them. We can potentially reach more people than they can. They create fun or useful stuff that makes us happy. And we share it to make our friends happy. We think that it’s just a moment of cheer we are giving to them. But it is really free advertising for the companies.

In the online world, this extends even further. When websites track us, they can use different tools to learn about our social networks. And when we share their content within those networks we are promoting them on social media and sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. We are even helping them rank on search engines like Google without intending to. Some businesses or hired marketers even go as far as to snoop on our personal contacts. From there they can target our connections directly and use our networks to market to new pools of users.

Shopping VPNs Stop SnoopsAccording to the research of Paul Zak, when we feel bad for a character or situation, we also tend to share. This is the logic behind showing people pictures of sad or sick children and animals when asking for donations. We are chemically wired to share when we feel sad or empathize. Empathy also makes us trust more. You may notice an overlap here, and you’re right. Marketers use cute photos to get us to buy things. Seeing a little animal or baby makes us want to take care of it. This doubles up with the happiness people feel from the stimuli and makes us better spenders.

Another emotion that marketers can take advantage of is fear. When we experience the different degrees of fear, we look for things to hold on to. These things make us feel more secure. You can see this ploy being put into practice by insurance agencies. But other businesses can use them too. Other than the fight or flight response, we often look for others who can be with us during our time of need. Since companies these days try to build rapport with consumers, we can be made to bond with them. We feel that they care about and understand our fears and so we cling to them.

The University of Wisconsin studies anger and found that it can make people stubborn. This can also be used for marketing if correctly applied. Briefly, a person who likes something will like it more if angered on the subject. So if marketers can create hype about a product , those who previously liked it would defend it and recommend it more vigorously.

Shopping VPNs Prevent Manipulation

Shopping VPNs SafetyPeople usually feel before they think. And in our busy lifestyles, we often do not have time to think about the implications of every little thing we see. We just like something and pass it on, or maybe even click “buy” right there and then. Having shopping VPNs can help prevent companies from trying to snoop on us. Shopping VPNs stop them at the source, where they begin to gather data about us.

Shopping VPNs hide Internet users’ IP addresses so that they cannot be tracked as they surf the web. This prevents companies from following users to learn what they like. Shopping VPNs also skew the results that marketers get from browsing histories since they come from different IPs. This helps a lot for people who do not often delete their browsing histories. The best way of course is to go in and clear everything at least once a week. But in case this gets forgotten, shopping VPNs help mask users’ activities anyway.

ExpressVPN Shopping VPNs By masking online activities, shopping VPNs prevent marketers from directing targeted ads that we will be susceptible to. They will still try to send their generic ads that use our general emotions to make us like them and buy form them. But at least they don’t know what social media sites to find you on. Shopping VPNs also protect your contacts from being targeted. Shopping VPNs hide your use of VoIP, for instance, so no one can find them through your traffic. Without shopping VPNs, they can be taken from your traffic stream with just a few simple tools.

Shopping VPNs also even the playing field. If marketers can’t send us all their ads through targeted advertising, we cannot share them. This means that the companies who pay them can’t gain reputation points on social media and with Google from our sharing activities. This means that they cannot gain an advantage over other businesses.

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