Set Up VPNs for BYODs

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Working Set Up VPN Devicesfrom outside the office is becoming more and more common. The phenomenon of a dispersed workforce has brought many advantages to both companies and employees. But there are challenges and risks as well. Policies of using personal devices for work have functioned well for many companies. But personal devices may be responsible for many breaches in company security. Security experts suggest that businesses look to set up VPNs for employees to secure personal devices used for work.

Businesses are becoming more aware of online threats. Those that have taken steps to set up better monitoring and evaluation of IT systems now have the upper hand. One thing they have confirmed is that personal devices that are used on office networks pose a great risk to office security. They also noticed that personal devices used by employees who routinely work outside the office pose the same threat. These devices connect to the office network remotely. Remote access is more restricted, but open networks used to connect to the office are dangerously populated by hackers and malware.

Companies Need to Set Up VPNs for Employee BYODs

Securing set up vpn securethe office network with a corporate VPN is not enough, security experts warn. Devices that are used to connect to the Internet without the benefit of the VPN are vulnerable. When personal devices are used for personal use, they can become infected. When these same devices connect to the office network, the infection can spread. Employees need to set up VPN services for any devices they use for work purposes.

Cases Set Up VPN Androidof office network infections from personal devices used in the office are increasing. Businesses now need alternative ways to secure the personal devices that their employees use at work. Part of the advantage of allowing employees to use their personal devices for work is convenience and cost cutting. Businesses should realize, however, that the costs of security breaches far outweigh the cost to set up VPNs for their employees’ personal devices.

The recent surges in online theft of company and personal data, have some business wondering whether BYOD is not a good policy after all. But companies are not prepared for the logistics of recalling all employees who work remotely. And they cannot guarantee that no personal devices will be used either in the office or to connect remotely to office networks. The most secure and least costly solution is to set up VPNs for all personal devices that are allowed access to office files and networks. Furthermore, companies need to properly educate their employees in basic Internet safety practices.

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