SafeSlinger Messaging and VPN Network Security

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

SafeSlinger VPN NetworkFor months now, developers from all corners of the world have been working on apps that will help people stay secure and keep their privacy. So far, VPN networks have taken care of online security concerns. But phone message surveillance needed a different approach. Last week, Carnegie Mellon University researchers presented the SafeSlinger smartphone messaging app at the MobiCom 2013 Conference for Mobile Computing and Networking in Miami. They say that SafeSlinger keeps messages private. They also say it is so secure that not even the National Security Agency can break through it.

SafeSlinger is offered free on iTunes and Google Play. It is only compatible with newer versions of iPhones and Android phones, however. The developers revealed that the app uses a passphrase that only the device user and the person they are communicating with can know. This means that the messages they send back and forth can’t be intercepted and read by their cellular carriers, internet service providers, employers, or anyone else who might be trying to snoop on their messages. SafeSlinger is easy to set up. In a few minutes, the user can get through the process of answering the app-generated security questions that it needs to generate strong encryption and authorization credentials. Then the app can be used just as any other usual messaging app is used.

CyLab VPN NetworkCMU CyLab programmer Michael W. Farb announced in a press release that SafeSlinger provides secure messaging and file transfer. The vital point is that it can do this without trusting the phone company or any device other than the user’s own smartphone. The messages that users send are encrypted and additionally require passwords before access is granted. Therefore many users are embracing the app as a tool that gives them significantly better messaging privacy and security. It is appealing to many different types of users who want to protect their messages from peers, colleagues, competitors, snoopers, and online criminals.

Apart from the security benefits, SafeSlinger was also made to be easy to use. The interface is simple and so the average user can easily take advantage of the cryptography and secure communications it brings. Military-grade security against hackers is now available to everyday smartphone users, courtesy of the CyLab scientists.

The Added Benefit of VPN Network Security

VPN Network SecuritySince SafeSlinger isn’t available for older mobile OS versions, the first question is how users of older iPhones and Androids can stay secure. A good way to protect your identity and data is to route your internet communications through a VPN network. VPN networks can’t prevent messaging services from sharing your message data or revealing your identity. But a reliable VPN network can help keep your identity safe. By becoming anonymous online through secure VPN network servers with an alternate IP address that can’t be traced back to you, you are kept safe.

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