Reasons to Quit Facebook

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Quit Facebook for PrivacyFacebook has become a thorn in the side of many Internet users. Some have not yet quit Facebook because they may have not really noticed it. Others, however, are quite disgusted with the service’s attitude towards data privacy and weary of their excuses for not respecting privacy. Yet they are not ready to give up their Facebook friends and accustom themselves to a new way of sharing their lives. So for those who are still not quite sure if they are ready to give up on Facebook, here are some reasons that those who have left the service give for why they, too, should quit Facebook.

Leaving Facebook Will Not Ruin Relationships

It is very easy to maintain friendships on Facebook because these people are accessible anytime, anywhere. One can leave messages and catch up with posts whenever they have time, and old comments, events and pictures can be revisited whenever one feels like doing so. Some don’t want to quit Facebook even though they are concerned about the company’s practices because they feel that the service is irreplaceable. This is simply not true. Facebook has become convenient because so many people already use it. It will take a bit of extra effort to reestablish contact with some Facebook friends. But other social networks or other services like email and messaging can now take its place easily. Messaging apps have evolved so that calling, sharing videos and sending files and photos is also possible, just like on Facebook. If saving these conversations and files is the only problem, email will do. When what we exchange for just conveniently storing everything on one site is our data privacy, it is easy to decide to quit Facebook.

Facebook is an Ad Platform, Not a True Social Network

Quit Facebook for AdsMany joined Facebook and came to love the platform because it was a great place to build social ties. It was and is still called a social network, but has long departed from truly being one. Facebook survives on ad revenue, as it has from the very beginning. But the site has pushed advertising much farther in the past few years than ever before since it first came out. Many users have quit Facebook because they have grown tired of the many ads that are constantly being shoved in their faces. Feeds and notifications are crowded with these unsolicited ads and not with comments and posts from friends, which is what these users are on Facebook for.

Quit Facebook to Preserve Data Privacy

It is not just that Facebook has become annoyingly full of ads. Concerns center on the way that Facebook serves the ads. They decide what ads to show users by digging into their information on the site. Many consider this to be a serious invasion of privacy, and some have quit Facebook for this main reason. Facebook users have used the site on the assumption that their data is secure, that only those they choose to see their information – posts, comments, chats – will be able to see them. The company only really came clean about their data mining practices recently under harsh scrutiny from privacy advocates. The company also just recently revised their privacy policy and terms of service, after they got slammed for participating in the NSA PRISM spy program despite Zuckerburg’s strongly worded denials. They were cornered to explain clearly how they take and use user data without permission. Now people know that they need to quit Facebook if they want their data to remain private.

Facebook Traps People

Quit Facebook Hotel CaliforniaJust like any other money-making endeavor, number one on Facebook’s list is keeping people on the site. They need people to make money because they make money off people. So getting addicted to Facebook is a carefully planned scheme. The company spends a lot of money on researching ways to make sure that people do not quit Facebook. Without us, they lose everything. The site is not built on wanting to connect people, as they say, but on bringing them together so their data can be aggregated and sold. This alone is a good reason to quit Facebook. They are deceptive and don’t really care if you get to build meaningful relationships. They just want you to visit them so they can profit from your interactions.

5 thoughts on “Reasons to Quit Facebook

  1. I, too, left FB years ago, only because I kept getting constant “gift” and similar emails–at least 50 per day! Best decision I ever made…

    I am also getting rid of my smartphone, especially with the so-called “privacy practices” of both Google and Apple apps (in order to use their apps, one has to agree to release ALL of your data in emails, contacts, location, photos, and texts–really?? no thanks).

    Our grandparents were right…you want to contact me, use a regular phone, or gosh–golly gee–come and visit me.

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