Quickflix VPN for Aussie TV Streaming

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Netflix Quickflix VPNQuickflix is one of the most popular Australian streaming services. It has grown in the last year and can now be compared to services like Netflix. Like Netflix, access is restricted to people living in Australia. To stream shows from this service, you need a Quickflix VPN. Not many VPN services have servers in Australia, but ExpressVPN does. And this server can handle streaming traffic to give users a great experience.

Choosing Netflix or Quickflix, and Using Quickflix VPNs for Both

The Netflix library is unrivaled. But Quickflix has grown to become a close competitor. Both services have great DVD and Blu-ray libraries as well. Netflix still gets new movies faster than Quickflix more often than not, though. For older releases, it’s hit and miss on both services. People often settle for one or the other, feeling disappointed either way. But with a Quickflix VPN, they can get the best of both worlds. True movie and TV fans can have both a Netflix and a Quickflix account when they use a Quickflix VPN. They then have a much better chance of finding what they want to watch.

Quickflix VPN ContentOne advantage of Quickflix is that it can provide a wider range of movies and TV shows through its pay-per-view system. This way, they also get new movies and TV shows to hungry viewers. For TV shows, you can get more HBO with Quickflix. Of course, Netflix has many more US shows, though. Both services have about the same amount of British content spread between them. Again, though, with a Quickflix VPN, viewers can get it all.

Another advantage of Quickflix is that subscribers can register as many as six devices on their accounts. Netflix allows unlimited devices, but only two devices streaming at a time on the basic package. With the basic Quickflix package, subscribers can stream to three devices simultaneously.

Netflix has recently increased monthly fees for new subscribers. Quickflix, on the other hand, has lowered their prices. This makes the costs for the services about even. Now users in Australia can finally enjoy some of the content that they have craved for years. It is getting there, but is still not enough for some. Quickflix VPN services will be supplying them with Netflix content for some time yet.

And viewers elsewhere can get a great selection of Aussie TV and movies if they have a Quickflix VPN. A Quickflix VPN will cost them a few extra dollars per month. But with this they can get unlimited access to all the home grown entertainment that Quickflix has to offer. The ExpressVPN Quickflix VPN can also be used to get Quickflix on a variety of players, gaming equipment, and smart TVs.

For real movie and TV buffs, there’s still no match for Netflix. The good news is that the same Quickflix VPN from ExpressVPN works for Netflix, too. This Quickflix VPN gives subscriber access to several US servers to get on Netflix easily. Subscribers can choose the Quickflix VPN servers that are closest to them to get the best speeds. Subscribers can also get the ExpressVPN Quickflix VPN to run on their game consoles, TVs, and players.