Google Project Zero to Fight Hacker, NSA Exploits

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Google NSA ExploitsGoogle has a new team that it has put together for a special purpose. This team of researchers is called Project Zero. They are tasked to focus on Internet security threats. Google says the team’s efforts will work to fight against hacker threats. And it may also help stop NSA exploits of security flaws.

Stopping Hacker and NSA Exploits

Project Zero was set up by Google for a single purpose. It is intended to put a stop to threats from hackers and spy agencies alike. Google says that it has the capability to obstruct Chinese hacking groups and the US intelligence community. These hackers and NSA exploits are two of the biggest threats to our Internet security today.

NSA Exploits and HackersChris Evans, a Google security engineer, says that Project Zero will focus on finding bugs in popular software. This way, the team can help identify threats before they can be used against anyone. Project Zero will report any threats to software vendors so they can address them. The hope is that this will prevent hackers and NSA exploits that harm users and violate their rights.

A Safer Internet

Hackers have long used security flaws in popular software to steal proprietary information and government secrets. They also provide information on unknown flaws to other groups and individuals for a fee. This puts a lot of people in danger because there are no fixes yet for these bugs. Hackers and governments can use them freely to steal information. The NSA exploits these same bugs to gather intelligence on anyone they want. They, too, use previously unknown flaws to spy on people without any interference.

Stop NSA ExploitsEvans says that we should not have to worry about our Internet security and privacy. We should be able to go online without having to deal with potential Chinese hacker threats and NSA exploits. Many people have used private services and virtual private networks to help secure their data and communications. This has worked very well so far to protect Internet users. But if Project Zero works, threats from hackers and NSA exploits can be greatly reduced. This is the goal, Evans said.

Google already has a program that pays security researchers to report Google software security flaws. This helps them prevent hacker and NSA exploits of their own software. Project Zero expands this objective to include all widely used software. The NSA exploits software flaws with permission given by US president Obama. The NSA reportedly used Heartbleed, for example, for two years and kept it a secret. Project Zero aims to prevent these types of NSA exploits.