Private Spying Hidden by Governments

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Alvin Bryan

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Snowden showed the world the mass surveillance of governments around the world. Since then these governments have turned to private spying. But according to the UN, they are trying to hide this from us. The human rights division of the UN is fighting for our online privacy rights. But they need our help.

Governments Turn to Private Spying

Private Spying AgenciesWe learned in April that both private entities and government agencies have used private spying agencies. These agencies do their spying for them when they can’t. But governments have had to depend on private spying more in the past few months. Collars are being placed on government spy agencies and people are more aware of how to block these attempts. All eyes are on them and the only way they can continue their surveillance is through private spying agencies.

To try and protect this avenue, governments have tried to hide their reliance on private spying. But the UN human rights division has found them out. Private spying serves government interests more today than ever before. The claim of evidence comes from Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. When governments cannot use their own means through the law, they use stealth in the form of private spying agencies. Seizing our data and communications is a potential violation of privacy rights. Interpretations of existing laws to serve government surveillance interests do not have the same authority as laws.

Help Fight Private Spying

Private Spying UNHRCThe argument over online privacy rights has been an intense one. The UN has already made moves to secure it for us, starting with their declaration of online privacy as a basic human right. They have since then not turned their backs on the turbulent issue, and so we should face it as well. The office of High Commissioner Navi Pillay reported to the UN General Assembly this week. The report says that government mass surveillance has gone out of control since Snowden let the cat out of the bag. The governments of Britain and the US in particular are a danger to online privacy.

We need better laws to protect us from privacy violations. But to push for these stringent laws we need to show these governments that we are also fighting for online privacy. We cannot simply let private spying take the place of government agencies. We cannot let private spying businesses grow large and powerful. The first step is joining protests and signing petitions. But we also know that these private spying agencies feed on our data. We need to starve them before they become too powerful. We need to prevent our data from being spread online.

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