Privacy Forever with Facebook VPNs and New Policy

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Facebook VPN PrivacyFacebook used to set users’ pages for maximum privacy after their deaths. But they will no longer do this. Instead, they will leave privacy settings to what they were the last time the user set them. Facebook says this is to allow the viewing of the profiles consistent with the user’s privacy expectations in life. But this still poses privacy concerns since the user can no longer change the settings in the future. This put their friends and family at risk as the data can be open to the public forever. Maximum custom privacy settings and Facebook VPN can help people keep their data private forever.

Look Back Videos and Memorial Pages

The Facebook pages of users who have passed on have been available for viewing officially since 2009. Family members of the deceased user could request that the page be left open. This allows them to be able to continually view the content on the page. Until now, Facebook set these pages to the highest privacy setting, friends only. Now, whatever privacy settings the account user had previously set will be what Facebook will retain on these memorial accounts. Facebook announced that they did this to retain the privacy expectations that the user wanted in life. Whoever was permitted to see content while the user was alive will be able to continue to do so while other users remain locked out.

Facebook VPN Look BackFacebook users can also ask for “Look Back” videos of their loved one who has passed on. This is a summary of the user’s Facebook activity. This Look Back was a Facebook production in honor of their 10th year. Now family and friends can ask for this video in memoriam. This new feature of making Look Back videos for memorialized accounts stemmed from a user request. The user has asked for a Look Back video for an account that did not yet have one. Requesting a Look Back video is now standard for all memorialized accounts.

Privacy Concerns and Facebook VPNs

Some concerns have arisen out of Facebook’s decision to maintain privacy settings on memorialized accounts. It is one thing to respect the privacy wishes of the deceased account holder. But content relating to other users can also be available through these memorialized accounts. Not every user connected to the deceased may wish to have that content available. This is especially true if the deceased user did not set any privacy controls.

Privacy Facebook VPNFor current accounts, this would not be an issue. Users can request their Facebook friends to apply privacy controls. This helps them to maintain their own desired levels of privacy. And if the user refuses, friends can take action like deleting content or blocking users to secure their privacy. But after a user’s death, this is no longer possible. Friends of deceased Facebook users are unable therefore to maintain privacy on memorialized accounts.

Facebook users worldwide have been learning how to maintain their privacy on the site. Combining privacy settings with anonymzing Facebook VPNs and good privacy practices help them to maintain privacy that will last forever. This does not of course help them to erase past blunders. But again, on current accounts, this can be remedied by removing sensitive content. Memorialized accounts need to be open to this for the sake of other users’ privacy.

Facebook VPNs PrivacyAdditional concerns surround private access to memorialized accounts. These accounts are no longer monitored by their users and so can become dangerous to view. Facebook has not released any information on how these accounts will be kept secure. They may currently be vulnerable to breaches and being used to perpetuate scams. Meantime, Facebook VPNs can still help here by anonymizing user visits to these pages. Barring any interaction on the page, Facebook VPNs can secure users’ identities. This helps them keep safe from scams because they cannot be connected to any personal information that is available on the memorialized accounts. Users must remain vigilant, however, and continue to use their Facebook VPNs. This is at least until the site can ensure that the information contained in memorialized accounts is not vulnerable to hacks.

NOTE: IF you want to request a Look Back video from Facebook, be careful that you ask for it directly from the site. Fake Facebook ‘Look Back’ videos install viruses on your computer.

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