Phone VPNs and Tech Companies Support Surveillance Controls

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

NSA Phone VPNThe NSA has been conducting surveillance of phone and internet communications on an international scale. Providers of phone VPN services, and human and privacy rights organizations have been fighting against this massive data mining. Now, eight of the most prominent technology companies join them in protesting the lack of controls placed on the US surveillance project.

Eight Tech Giants Join in Protesting Uncontrolled US Surveillance

An open letter was presented to the US president last Monday stressing that limitations must be placed on the US and other governments’ spying powers. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, AOL, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google, among the companies confirmed to have participated in NSA data mining, are now urging the government to enact reforms. These companies, like the protesting phone VPN providers and UN member nations, understand the national security needs behind the spying. But following in the footsteps of privacy movements, they are pushing for a fair balance between anti-terrorism campaigns and individuals’ privacy rights. The tech giants feel that governments enjoy too many powers that steal constitutionally supported rights and freedoms.

NSA Phone VPNThe tech companies have put a spin on the general protest. They aim for stricter limitations on the power of governments to demand that user data be shared. They are putting the same emphasis on transparency and accountability, but have justly personalized it to refer to the user data that they are directly responsible for. To strengthen the open letter, several top ranking officials of the companies have put their stamp of approval on the push for surveillance reforms.

Phone VPN Providers and Human and Privacy Rights Organizations Keep Pushing for Surveillance Reform

Phone VPN PrivacyAs the tech companies’ open letter gains support, older campaigners for privacy rights maintain their stand. Phone VPN providers continue to urge consumers to take data privacy more seriously, and not to wait for reforms. They encourage the use of a phone VPN to help secure data while lawmakers and privacy advocates work out the fine points. The American Civil Liberties Union chimed in after the release of the letter that the tech giants would have been a greater help if they had spoken up sooner. Other privacy advocates also suspect that the motivation is financial. The companies seem to be feeling the brunt of the drastically reduced user confidence caused by the revelation of US spying activities. But whether they are in it for user privacy or to regain profits, it is hoped that their decision to participate in the campaign for surveillance controls will help bring it to fruition. After all, better late than never.