Personal VPN for Non-Techies

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Personal VPN Protects Data

Undercover Data

The way a personal VPN works can seem quite technical in nature. In reality it’s not that difficult to grasp the basic concept. Here is a simplified look at what a VPN is, so the layman in us all can learn how important it is.

Imagine a top level secret agent who has to carry very sensitive data across the country or world. Many attempts to steal that information can be made over that great distance and time. So they thought of different ways to make it harder for the enemy to get the secret information.

A Personal VPN Locks your Data Away

One way is to transport the locked case in a vehicle that looks ordinary, has dark tint, and strong armor. But since it is still just a matter of how much time the enemy has to spot the vehicle, and if they have the strength to break through, encryption was devised. The information is rewritten in code so if anyone did spot the vehicle, and get through the armor and locks, they would not have they key to decipher the contents. Again, given enough time, smart people can find the pattern and break the code, so the transfer needs to be fast.

Updated Security Codes Ensure that Data Doesn’t Leak

Personal VPN SSL handshake

SSL handshake

When the agent reaches his destination, he needs to make sure he is passing the data to the right person. Another set of shared codes is used to verify their identities. Codes can leak, though, so they had to be changed often and kept better secrets.

So better encryption came out, and more and better armor, and faster transportation, and better identification methods, all to minimize the chances of data falling into the wrong hands.

ExpressVPN online security personal VPN

Your Protector

Secret agents are trained to spot each other, so staying hidden is hard when someone knows how to follow your trail. Hackers can find users in much the same way, by the trail the information leaves over a network connection or the internet. Most of us are not secret agents and don’t have the training and resources to protect our sensitive data from hackers when we send it over the internet. So we protect it by using a personal VPN.

A good VPN is our top agent. It encrypts the data so that it can’t be decoded in enough time for the information to still be valuable. It sends the data quickly so it can’t be easily stolen. It wraps the data under virtual layers of armor in a process called encapsulation, and the data travels in the vehicle called a tunnel that keeps the data out of sight. It also makes sure that the data gets to the right computer to be accessed by the right person by using authentication methods like certificates.

ExpressVPN personal VPN

ExpressVPN – SSL Secure

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