NSA VPNs Secure Users from Private Spy Agencies

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Alvin Bryan

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All eyes have been trained on the NSA and its allies for the past ten months. We must now however turn our gaze to private spy agencies. They have become a great danger to Internet users. Their targets are different than those of the NSA. But NSA VPNs can protect users just as well from private agency spying.

Private Intelligence Contractors

The revelations of Edward Snowden have traced the links between government surveillance and private spy agencies. The masterful reporting of the Guardian and the Washington Post has made it clear that private intelligence contractors work for the NSA. But they also cater to private entities and other governments. Private spy agencies have no loyalties. They will take dictators as their clients just the same as any other.

Barrett Brown NSA VPNs Journalist activist Barrett Brown fearlessly reported on private intelligence agencies. His reward was a prison sentence. And his efforts are not as widely known as those of Edward Snowden. The media downplayed his fearless reporting when they should have stood bravely in support of his endeavors to expose this secret multibillion dollar industry.

Now we finally know the truth about how intelligence gathering works. The government does not only conduct surveillance through internal systems. They often hire private contractors to do their spying for them. Edward Snowden himself was hired through one of these private intelligence contractors. These private agencies make over 56 billion dollars every year. They comprise about 70% of the budget that the US has for intelligence activities.

NSA VPNs can Protect People from Private Spy Agencies

NSA VPNs SpyingThe value of private intelligence contracting supports the continuation of illicit spying regardless of any restrictive laws slapped on government agencies. NSA VPNs are the only way that average Internet users can stay safe. These private spy agencies operate on a global level. They share information without regard for morality or legality. They are only concerned with maintaining their reputation for results to ensure increasing profits.

The US and other countries around the world may be trying to modify their laws on spying. They have felt a lot of pressure from privacy advocates and Internet users around the world. This leaves them with no choice but to act on the various and resounding protests. These governments will not stop there, however. They will always find new and better ways of getting what they want. Private spy agencies make this very easy for them. This explains why they are not fighting harder against the call for limitations on government spying. Regardless of any laws meant to protect Internet users’ privacy, we still need NSA VPNs to block intrusions by private companies hired by the government.

Private Spy NSA VPNsPrivate intelligence agencies also work for other private companies. They make money selling data used for targeted marketing and advertising campaigns. This means that our data is being leaked to both the government and private sectors. Without NSA VPNs, our online lives are open books. Privacy laws have been completely disregarded. Not even the Constitution can stop all the spying that goes on. People need to take matters into their own hands. They need to wield their NSA VPNs to block surveillance attempts.

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