New Facebook Malware from Videos

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

There is a trojan virus that is spreading like wildfire across Facebook. It comes from malicious websites that users access via a video link. This is not the first Facebook malware scam, but this particular video malware is fast and smart. It steals the personal information of Facebook users.

Facebook Malware from Sexy Video

Facebook Malware ScamMany Facebook users are being tricked into clicking this new video link. Facebook malware scammers are getting very good at making these links look legitimate. The video shows a woman getting ready to undress. It looks like a real webcam clip and even plays for a few seconds. And the links are hidden because the attackers use is a convenient link shortening tool and users cannot see the real links when it is used. Many users just click the link to check out the video before they have any clue that it is Facebook malware. But shortened links is not a new way of fooling users into downloading Facebook malware.

The purpose of this Facebook video is to take users to malicious sites. This happens when users click the video link to play it. Once there, an Adobe Flash update pops up. This Facebook malware downloads a trojan to the user’s computer. Bitdefender found this and reported it. They say that the instance of Facebook malware allows the attackers to steal personal information. This trojan is vicious, they warn. It is created by a team of skilled Albanian hackers.

Facebook Malware from VideosCatalin Cosoi, chief security strategist of Bitdefender, says that the creators have really tried to make the post look real and appealing. The post is tweaked to have more than one million views. This makes people think that it is something they cannot miss. It is also designed to look like a YouTube video, which makes people feel more comfortable about watching it. He says that there are many types of videos that spread Facebook malware, but sexy videos are the most popular.

The Facebook malware engineers already have more than 20,000 links that lead users to malicious sites. The links all take people to the same virus, called Trojan.Agent.BDYV. This also spreads tags of a user’s friends so they will click on the Facebook malware link. The original post also cannot be deleted so that users can’t stop it from spreading. This way, the malware reaches all over Facebook. Once they are there, you can’t do anything about them. And once users are infected with the Facebook malware, they are at risk of having their personal information stolen.

Fight Facebook Malware with AntiVirus

Bitdefender warns about Facebook MalwareBitdefender encourages users to use antivirus software to fight Facebook malware infections. Facebook is also taking steps to help secure users. Facebook malware is very dangerous because it normally spreads very quickly. It is boosted by making Facebook friends think that the post came from a trusted friend and therefore a trusted source. Facebook malware is also usually designed to gather users’ personal information. It can take it from users’ accounts and computers.

Facebook has teamed up with renowned security software providers F-Secure and Trend Micro. This is an effort to offer solutions to users who are threatened by Facebook malware. The antimalware scanning software is free and immediately alerts users if any malware has made it way into their computers.