Netflix VPN and Scam Checklist for Online Safety

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Netflix VPN ScamThere’s a new scam out there aimed at Netflix customers. The scam tries to get customers to reveal their personal details. Known as a phishing scam, it starts with tracking a user and ends in theft. Using a Netflix VPN can help stop scammers from trying to defraud you. And you must also be careful not to click on malicious links or call an unknown numbers. Run through the simple checklist below to help you determine what is safe and unsafe.

The Newest Netflix Scam

In this most recent Netflix scam, the attackers go after people trying to log in to their Netflix accounts. Users are directed to a fake Netflix site where they enter their login details. Then the users receive an error message from the webpage This is not a genuine Netflix webpage. The message says that the account has been suspended and that they must call the number provided. This is also not a Netflix number, and the person on the other end of the line is posing as a Netflix Member Services representative. Over the phone, the user is asked for account details like proof of identification and the credit card used to sign up. He or she is also prompted to download support software. This is actually a program designed to give the attackers access to the user’s computer via remote login. While on the phone with the fake rep, users’ computers are subject to scanning for data like sensitive bank details and account usernames and passwords.

Netflix VPN Stops Tracking

Netflix VPNUsers are tracked via their IP addresses when they visit websites. From there, attackers can gather information about them and find ways to infiltrate their communications. Netflix is protected by HTTPS, but if a hacker can compromise a user’s computer or connection, they can intercept communications with the Netflix website. To stop the attack process from starting, you need to use a Netflix VPN. What a Netflix VPN does is to first change your IP address so you can’t be tracked. This is done by connecting to a Netflix VPN server which reroutes your traffic. The IP you are using will be from that Netflix VPN server and your real IP cannot be seen. This way, you cannot be found and tracked on the Internet.

A Netflix VPN also provides you with connection security. Netflix VPNs encrypt all the data that you send over the Internet. So even if by some fluke an attacker does intercept your data, they cannot read it. A Netflix VPN also tunnels your data packets through a private tunnel. This protects the data from being spotted. This also means that no one can see where you are going on the Internet, or what you are doing there.

Avoiding Scams – Use this Checklist

Many users do not check the web addresses that they are directed to. If it contains familiar words, like Netflix in this case, people assume that the company and the website are connected. This is how phishing scams work. When they lure you in, you will end up giving them the information they need to steal from you. To protect this sensitive information, you need to go through this checklist before you respond to any requests:

  1. Connect to your Netflix VPN before you open your browser.
  2. Do not click on any links that come to your inbox from unverified email addresses. You can check with your service provider like Netflix what email addresses are used to communicate with customers.
  3. Report any unverified email addresses as spam and/or phishing scams.
  4. Do not talk to anyone who contacts you claiming to represent your service provider before verifying their identity and affiliation.
  5. Do not give out any information via phone or email before verifying that the contact information is correct.
  6. Use a tool like McAfee Site Advisor to help you detect untrustworthy websites in case you click on links accidentally.
  7. Use a tool like Ghostery to help you block website tracking tools.


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