Mozilla Joins Fight for Net Neutrality

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Alvin Bryan

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Net Neutrality MozillaNetflix has been calling for the preservation of net neutrality since Comcast and Verizon FiOS began limiting Netflix streaming speeds. Internet service providers have been trying to control the Internet. This puts net neutrality in grave danger. Now Mozilla is stepping up to fight for traffic equality. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to allow Internet service providers to control what services get better speeds. But this will create precedent that can give complete service access control to these private companies.

Net Neutrality is not a Privilege

The Internet was created to give people better access to information, and later, services. Free access is inherent to the Internet. Being able to access desired information and services is therefore more of a right than a privilege. But letting Internet service providers control who gets access destroys this trait. By putting limitations on online services, Internet service providers are destroying Internet freedom.

Net Neutrality ISPsInternet service providers are in addition extorting online services. By allowing them to decide what companies will be given the means to reach users, the FCC is encouraging this extortion. By extension, they are then also encouraging companies to raise service costs. And this will then limit Internet users’ ability to access online services. In the end, this will promote a reversal of the free flow of information that we enjoy on today’s Internet. Growth trends will be reversed as fewer and fewer people will be able to access online services.

Mozilla Fights for Net Neutrality

Mozilla has now officially stated that it supports true net neutrality. The company has urged the FCC to reconsider its proposal to give Internet service providers the right to accept money in exchange for better speeds. The power to decide what services get fast and slow connections goes against net neutrality principles. Net neutrality specifically means that all traffic on the Internet be treated equally. Setting these types of limits is also unfair to users who pay these Internet service providers for speed and bandwidth allocation. Internet service providers should not be allowed to throttle their bandwidth because the service they want to use is not paying up.

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6 thoughts on “Mozilla Joins Fight for Net Neutrality

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  3. I agree, though Mozilla isn’t really directly involved. It would be nice to see an ISP that really cared about net neutrality

  4. I appreciate their effort. They don’t really have anything to lose by staying quiet yet they joined the fight. That’s integrity.

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