Mac Online Security and Mac VPN

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Hacking and online security in general has become a big concern for many Mac users. But why are Mac users still not buying antivirus software? The 2011 fake MacDefender Trojan infection and Flashback exploitation of Java vulnerabilities should have been enough to persuade them. It wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of Apple, and 2013 has brought in a slew of new and updated security software for Mac OS X. But Mac users still aren’t buying.

The Mac Antivirus 2013 Scene

MacDefender TrojanThese latest products promise to keep you shielded from malware and spyware while protecting your email from viruses and phishing scams. What Mac users seem to know is that this is still not enough to plug in all the holes left by an antivirus program. And it’s no wonder. Only one product out of the bunch that was tested for protection level and features proved to have anti-theft, data encryption and data shredding capabilities. So even now, it looks like a Mac VPN is still one of the best ways to get complete security coverage from a variety of online threats.

Everyone wants an all-in-one solution, but the truth is that this panacea does not exist. But one of the best ways to keep safe is to run a current antivirus for OS X and a Mac VPN on top of that. Here’s how that works.

Mac VPN Plus Antivirus, the Winning Combination

A Mac VPN is your outer layer of protection. What it can do is encrypt the data that you send out like logins to websites and credit card information used for online purchases. This makes sure your sensitive data can’t be easily picked up by keyloggers or sniffers. It also provides a private tunnel for this data to pass through so it can’t be stolen. In addition, it blocks out anything malicious that is trying to worm its way into your data stream and your system. It further shields you by providing you with a new IP address so you can’t be located and tracked.

Mac VPN Secure

Your antivirus program is your inner layer of protection. When you consciously and intentionally take something from the virus-infested World Wide Web, the antivirus is your scanner. It checks all incoming files to see if there is a malicious bit hidden in there. It can help you detect files that are threats pretending to be useful programs. These can be anything that you download or that comes in through your email.

It’s a powerful combination. That is, if you choose the right product, of course. Our review of ExpressVPN can help you spot the key features of a good VPN. For more information on VPN features and online security, check out our other posts, starting with The Dangers of Identity Theft.

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