iTV Player Anonymous Surfing

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

There iTV Player Anonymous Surfingare so many former residents of the UK and many other people worldwide who would like to enjoy anonymous surfing and online TV services like iTV Player. Because iTV Player is not available to users outside the UK, it leaves many disappointed. Fortunately, a VPN can easily get around the location restriction to open up access to the service.

Anonymous Surfing VPN for iTV Player

iTV Player content is readily available to anyone with a UK IP address. What a good UK VPN will do is provide a secure VPN server that users can connect to. Through this server, users will get UK IP addresses so that they will be allowed to access iTV Player. Anonymous Browsing iTV PlayerEveryone can catch up on missed TV show episodes and revisit golden oldies. The best thing is that the VPN allows anonymous surfing so no one is the wiser.

iTV Player is an online video streaming service offering content through the iTV website. iTV Player provides access to a lot of different local and foreign programs. It features contemporary shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Only When I Laugh, Barbara, and Doc Martin and legendary classics like Pollyanna, A Tale of Two Cities, Cheers, and Agatha Christie’s Poirot. iTV Player provides content across itv, itv2, itv3, itv4, and citv. Some sports programming is also available, like FIFA World Cup coverage. The range of available content from mystery and action to comedy to drama to TV and movie classics makes iTV Player a much sought after service.

Rights issues limit access to iTV Player content, but a UK VPN can open anonymous surfing access to all iTV Player available videos. Because shows are only available in iTV Player for 30 days, keeping access open is important. Vacation time is the only time that many get to catch up on missed episodes, but going overseas cuts off access to iTV Player. A UK VPN will reconnect users with their favorite shows. For former UK residents who have moved overseas, being able to do anonymous surfing to continue watching through iTV Player is a comforting touch of home.

For people on the go, iTV Player is accessible from a wide range of mobiles and tablets. iTV Player content is available through these devices for one week after the first broadcast. Sadly, STV and UTV regions are blocked. iTV Player can be also accessed through Play Station 3 for free. STV, UTV, and Channel Televition are also accessible from the PS3 platform.

Using a VPN Versus Proxies

Using Anonymous Browsing iTV Playera VPN to access iTV Player and similar streaming services is superior to using proxies. Proxies are not encrypted, so they are unsecure and easy to detect and block. Users have to constantly adjust their connections to find services and IP addresses that haven’t been blocked yet. When they mistakenly try to connect to a blocked proxy, their anonymous surfing ability is cut, and they are in danger of being detected, tracked, logged, reported, and possibly penalized by their ISPs. When users are on a proxy when it is discovered, their traffic is similarly open to examination by their ISPs.

A secure OpenVPN connection is untraceable and unblockable. It cannot be monitored or traced by ISPs or anyone else, even government agencies. Users can truly enjoy anonymous surfing, unlimited access, speed and bandwidth. This gives them safe and seamless online streaming. A VPN also gives users unlimited anonymous surfing access to all other blocked websites and Internet enabled applications through a global VPN server network. Services that are blocked in any of these countries will be open to the VPN subscriber because of the VPNs anonymous surfing capabilities. OpenVPN Anonymous BrowsingGeolocation restrictions, censorship technologies and firewalls cannot effectively interrupt the connection of a VPN user.

Especially now that UK Internet is becoming increasingly restrictive, a VPN is a smart tool to use. Just last month, ISPs were instructed by British Prime Minister David Cameron to execute a default website filtering scheme. The plan implements the blocking of a pre-determined list of website URLs. And more can be added to that list at any time under the terms of the filtering guidelines. More proxies are being blocked every day, a reliable VPN is the better solution to controlled Internet access. ISPs have been very busy blocking sites and proxies, but users of secure VPN services remain untouched. Anonymous surfing through a VPN is the only way to safely avoid being detected and frequently blocked.

Additional Anonymous Surfing Protection

The leading VPN providers provide their users with online privacy and anonymity on top of connection security and freedom. They do not track users’ online activities and do not keep logs of their bandwidth consumption. This is the real meaning of anonymous surfing. Their concern is to give users a fast connection with unlimited access to online content Anonymous Browsingwithout having to face the dangers of the open Internet, including companies and agencies interested in monitoring, tracking and recording their every move.

The UK has become a prime target for hackers. The recent economic crisis that spread throughout the UK and Europe has given rise to increased cases of identity fraud and consumer data theft. Tens of billions of pounds are lost to online thieves every year, and a strong UK VPN can help users avoid being the next victims. VPNs provide users with anonymous surfing ability through private tunnels. They can conduct financial transactions through these encrypted tunnels, away from the prying eyes of would-be thieves. The malware protection that VPN servers provide also helps users keep their devices secure from data breaches that lead to identity theft, account hijacking, and credit card fraud. VPNs help secure users on even the most unsafe free WiFi spots that are teeming with hackers and trackers.

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  1. I have used proxies and VPNs before and they gave partial access to iTV but with this information I figured out how to make the most of iTV. I just finished the ExpressVPN trial and I have enjoyed great iTV access. Thanks for pointing me to them!

  2. I’m enjoying iTV now safely thanks to you. I took the money back guarantee offer and ended up staying with the, for a few months now.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I tried ExpressVPN and it’s working great from China. I also used it when I took a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. It’s excellent.

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