IP Address Privacy through VPN Router Protection

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

IP VPN RouterYour IP address contains a lot of information about you. When you go online, this information becomes public. But you can stop other people from tracking you and monitoring your online behavior. The VPN router functionality can hide your IP address and encrypt your data. Then your internet activity is protected and stays private.

What your IP Address Says about You

Network VPN RouterYour IP address is a number that distinctly identifies your computer or other internet enabled device as being connected to a network and accessing data online. You need this Internet Protocol Address to be able to access and exchange data smoothly. Without it, other computers would not know who you are, and you would not be able to communicate with them. Here’s an example. When you type a website address into your browser, it is like setting a meeting to talk with someone at that address. A response is expected, but without an IP address, the computer that runs that website won’t know where to send the response. It can’t send you the data that your browser needs to recreate the web pages and site functions so you can view and interact with them. A website simply can’t send you the information you need without your IP address.

Your IP address is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider, or ISP. Your ISP has a record of your name, contact information, the address where your internet is connected, and possibly more. This is where the danger to privacy lies. Once you are connected to the internet, this personally identifiable information becomes known to any other computer or device on the internet. These other people can detect your connection and retrieve that information that your IP carries. You are in effect broadcasting your name, contact information and address to everyone out there.

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IP Privacy and Security Risks

Hacker VPN RouterThere are a lot of people hanging around on the internet. Many of them are just other users reading the news, sending emails, chatting with friends, or shopping. They are just like any average internet user. But many others are there with a different agenda. They wait for these average internet users like you to connect and start their daily online activities. Then they gather as much data as they can about those users and their activities. With that data some of them can create individual user profiles. These profiles can be used to generate advertising revenue. They can also be shared with agencies that want to closely track and monitor users.

Other internet lurkers launch much more malicious attacks against the users. Their ultimate goal is to take your money. They steal identities to sell or to use to gain access into online accounts. If they get into a bank account, their work is done. They then move on to your contacts and use your knowledge of them to scam and swindle their way into more accounts. The attacks grow exponentially over a very short period of time.

VPN Router IP Protection

VPN Router IPHiding your IP address is the first step to protecting yourself from various online threats. It all starts with internet privacy by keeping your identity secret. VPN router capabilities direct your data and traffic to a VPN server before allowing it to be sent to its destination. This stopover allows the VPN router to give you a new and anonymous IP address that cannot be traced back to you. When you use this new IP address, the information that anyone gets from it shows only the VPN router information and nothing about you personally.

Just like your phone number identifies you, your IP address tells internet users who you are. If you have ever used a phone directory you know that you can get the name and address of almost anyone using that number. This helps people find you so they can call you on the phone. You and everyone else has a unique phone number. You and others can be sure to reach each other by dialing the assigned number. But not everyone is listed, you might be thinking. And sometimes people call you and caller ID doesn’t give you the number they are using. Yes, this is a privacy measure. And this is exactly what a VPN does. It hides your IP, a number that identifies and locates you, and gives you another one that is anonymous.

VPN Router DataVPN routers also encrypt your data and send it through a private tunnel to their server. This protects you from anyone who tries to steal information that you are sending. Much can be learned from the information that you send. Your email address or a chat ID, for instance, and the contents of the messages, can identify you. VPN router functionality also stops attackers from intercepting any data packets and modifying them to infect computers and devices with malware. And the servers give you additional protection when data is sent back to your computer or device. They block any malware that is trying to infect you, keeping these threats far away from you.